Gwalior is a city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, also known for its rich history and culture. The city is home to one of the finest forts in the country.

The city hosts a music festival called The Tansen Music Festival which is held every year and dedicated to the pillar of Indian music.

The city is also famous for hosting Gwalior Trade Fair which is the largest trade fair in India started by King of Gwalior, Maharaj Madhav Rao Scindia in 1905.


There are a number of attractions in Gwalior whose presence will take you on a walk through Gwalior's rich culture and history. Some of them are:

Gwalior has got some of the best parks and gardens where one can practice yoga, mediation or simply just relax. Some of them are:


Gwalior is famous for its handicrafts and leather products. The city is also a good place to buy Chanderi Saris. Some of the best shopping destinations are:


Some of the best malls for Shopping, Food & Entertainment in the city includes DB City Mall, Dindayal City Mall, The Centeral Mall, Parasmani Mall, Acer Mall, Subway Mall, Mazi Mall etc.


Some of the best places for night out in Gwalior are:


Talking about museums in the city, these marvels talk about a lot about history and culture which is preserved till date. Some of the famous Museums to explore are:


Any vacation is incomplete without savouring the food of the city that you are traveling to. Below listed are few foods whose smell is enough to gain your attention:


Gwalior is a city filled with culture, history and traditions, and attending the festivals and fairs here are the best way to dive into the culture of this city. There are three important festivals/fairs in Gwalior:


For people interested in animals and wildlife, a visit to the following wildlife sanctuaries in Gwalior would be definitely worth the time:


Gwalior has a range of interesting places to visit but the fame that city enjoys is owed to the great collection of ancient forts and religious places.

Some of the religious places are Sas Bahu Temple, Sun Temple Gwalior, Teli Ka Mandir, Chaturbhuj Temple, Sai Baba ka Mandir, Sheetla Mata Temple, Koteshwar Temple.


Architectural marvels and cultural significance are the major factors that make Gwalior a great destination for tourists. While, the city doesn't fail to surprise tourists with its old-world charm and authenticity, it also has some of the best luxurious accommodations that includes:

The city also offers some of the best pocket-friendly hotels that are:


Gwalior is not about history alone but a city with great food too. The city has a wide variety of Indian cuisines to offer. With great ambience and hospitality, these below listed restaurants will surely give you a delightful eating experience.



Hindi is the official language of Gwalior.