One of the cities in India that is rapidly rising is Raipur, the state capital of Chattisgarh. It serves as the district's administrative centre for Raipur. It was once a part of Madhya Pradesh, but on November 1, 2000, this new state was created, and it became the capital of Chhattisgarh. There were 1,010,087 people living in Raipur's Municipal Corporation area as per the 2011 Census. The largest city in the area is Raipur, which is also a hub of rapid growth for both industry and tourism. With its own airport and railway station, Raipur is connected to all of India's main cities. The National Highway makes it possible to go there by car as well.

Places to Visit

  • Ghatarani Waterfalls : The greatest waterfall in Chattisgarh state, Ghatarani Waterfalls, is situated 85 kilometres from Raipur. This breathtaking view, which is encircled by dense foliage, is a popular picnic spot. You would have to take a little detour through a forest to get to this breathtaking natural beauty. A pool that has developed naturally is located at the base of the waterfall. Swim in the pool, play with your family, or simply unwind. Although the waterfall is more beautiful when the water is flowing at its fullest during the rainy season, it is advisable to avoid visiting during this time due to slick terrain and mudslides.
  • Nandan Van Zoo & Safari : An iconic attraction in the city is the Nandan Van Zoo, which is situated in Naya Raipur. The zoo contains a wide variety of fauna because its main goal is to protect and conserve animals. There are boat rides and a jungle safari, making it the ideal place to spend the day with children. It is interesting to watch the animals explore the forest, and it also exposes people to numerous species that are both uncommon and in danger of going extinct. Also, the zoo's amenities are both convenient and reasonably priced.
  • Purkhauti Muktangan : Purkhauti Muktangan is a magnificent garden that highlights Chhattisgarh's diverse culture. Put your gadgets aside and spend the day there. In November 2006, The Honorable A.P.J. Abdul Kalam opened the facility. Since that time, both residents and visitors use this garden. Folk art, realistic tribal characters, and colourful scenery enhance the lovely experience. The garden draws tourists' attention while also bringing up the issue of the necessity to preserve our biocultural diversity.
  • MM Fun City : Visit MM Fun City if you want to lose yourself in unending pleasure and satisfaction. It's the biggest water park in Chhattisgarh, and it's on the outskirts of the capital. Away from the bustling daily life, a peaceful and calm atmosphere has been created for the park. With entertaining water slides, a restaurant, a family pool, a wave pool, a rain dance, and even a special kids zone, it is popular with guests. It is well known for its exhilarating rides, innovative attractions, and first-rate service.
  • Gandhi Udyan Park : The Gandhi Udyan Park is located in the heart of Raipur and runs all the way to the famous Bhagat Singh Chowk.. The walking area is nicely tiled, and the park is covered in a lot of natural flora. Yoga instruction is given on a playground in the early morning hours as well. It is a great site for a morning or evening walk with a 400-meter walking space.
  • Mahant Ghasi Memorial Museum : Mahant Ghasi Memorial Museum is a tiny building that is close to the Kutchery Chowk crossroads and has a wealth of information about Raipur's past. An excellent collection of tribal artefacts, inscriptions, coins, sculptures, models, and other anthropological and natural history-related items may be found in this well-kept museum. You won't be able to overlook the enormous library or the five galleries that are stretched across two stories. Visit an outside café on the museum's ground level to try some reasonably priced yet delicious tribal fare. You learn a lot about the growth of Raipur into the important metropolis it is now, as well as about its history and culture. It costs INR 5 to enter the museum.
  • Banjari Mata Mandir : Without a doubt, Banjara Mata Temple's specialty is its shrines. This revered location, which is devoted to the goddess Banjari Mata, is well-known for hosting celebrations during the festivals of Dussehra and Navratri. Devotees from all over the nation and neighbouring states swarm here to take in the serene and holy atmosphere. The peace is still there in the air.Each day of the week, the temple is open from 6:00 AM until 7:30 PM. The temple attracts a lot of visitors due of its aesthetic appeal and authenticity.
  • Vivekanand Sarovar : Also known as Burha Thalab, Swami Vivekanand Sarovar is a lake that was formerly a lake. It is a peaceful area to visit because it is fenced in by several trees, particularly palm palms. Just outside the park, there are a number of food stands offering inexpensive, high-quality street cuisine. In addition, the lake is a favourite location for joggers and picnickers. The lake is best visited in the late afternoon, just before the sun sets.
  • ISKCON Raipur : ISKCON has well-known temples spread out around the nation, and the one in Raipur City is a more recent addition that is still under development. As the main structure is being constructed, the idols have temporarily been moved to another temple. Yet, it is still possible to see the temple's grandeur. When accent lights are used at night to illuminate the pure white marble, it reflects light and seems even more stunning.
  • Kankali Talab : Famous sages, such as the Goswami Naga sages of the Dashnami Sanyasi sect, are said to frequent the area around the Kankali pond. They offered the divine god prayers and meditations. They thus made the decision to erect a tiny Shiva-focused temple in the centre of the body of water. The pond's sides have stones set on them, adding to the temple's age. Sages are still seen today, sitting serenely by the pond to meditate.

Malls :

  • Ambuja City Centre Mall : One of the biggest malls in the city, Ambuja Mall is a well-liked shopping destination for both locals and visitors. In addition to a large selection of shops selling everything from clothing to gadgets, the mall also features a food court with a broad selection of restaurants. If you want to go shopping, this mall, which is close to Puno, is a fantastic choice. You may visit Ambuja Mall in Raipur while celebrating Puno's birthday and have a great time shopping there. It is one of Raipur's greatest malls, and you can get anything you need from there.
  • City Centre mall : One of Raipur's biggest and busiest malls is this one. There are several different stores, eateries, and multiplexes there. There is a food court and a gaming area at the mall as well. That is a preferable choice to take into account while making travel plans to see Puno with loved ones. This is the greatest spot to hang out with your family and friends if you want to take some time away from your busy schedule and intend to play Puno. After taking part in all the events, you may search for the top eateries in Raipur or at the mall to eat supper at.
  • Lalganga shopping mall : When looking for large malls in Raipur that are around Puno, this is one of the finest options. Shoppers' requirements are met by a variety of stores and eateries in the mall. A cinema that provides a range of entertainment alternatives is also located in the mall. For individuals who wish to shop in Raipur, this mall is a wonderful choice because it is close to Puno. This mall is a great spot to eat out, and it has a number of restaurants that provide a variety of foods. After finishing your shopping, you can take part in sports and adventurous activities.
  • RK Mall : The greatest shopping centre in Raipur to visit if you want to spend the day there is RK Mall. It has a total size of more than 1 lakh square feet and is situated in the centre of the city. The mall is home to a large variety of stores that provide everything from clothing to electronics. A food court that serves a range of cuisines is also located at RK Mall. This mall is about 12 kilometres away from PUNO, which is a relatively short journey. While planning a birthday celebration at Puno, you may have a great time and then visit the nearby mall to go shopping or see a movie. It will be a terrific idea to spend time with your family and friends.
  • Magneto Mall : One of Raipur's biggest malls, Magneto Mall is your best bet if you're looking for a shopping centre nearby. It may be found right in the middle of the city. There are many different types of shops and retailers in this four-story mall. The mall also features a food court, a theatre, and a gaming area. The Puno indoor adventure park is roughly a 7-kilometer drive from the mall. The mall is easily accessible from Puno by bus or taxi, and driving there takes around 15 minutes. Therefore you may go to Puno and Magneto The Mall when you want to unwind and get away from the bustle of the city.
  • Colors Mall : One of Raipur's trendiest locations is the mall, which is close to Puno. There are several stores there that sell a variety of goods and services. The mall also contains a food court with a selection of dishes from across the globe. It is one of Raipur's biggest malls and is situated in the centre of the city. As a result, remember to add a trip to the Colors Mall on your agenda when you travel to Puno for a day of entertainment and fun things near me in Raipur. Anything you require can be found here, making it a fantastic location to purchase for the greatest prices.
  • Platinum Square : While looking for malls near me in Raipur, one of the top choices is the Platinum Square Mall, which is situated in the centre of the city. The mall features a variety of stores, eateries, and multiplexes. The mall contains a food court and is well-liked by shoppers. It is close to Puno, Raipur's theme parks, and is reachable by bus and vehicle. In the area of the mall in Raipur, there are a lot of hotels as well. If you're becoming too hungry or worn out from playing too much, visit the Platinum Square Mall's INOX theatre for a movie break. This is how a Raipuite spends their weekend: having fun in Puno and going to the movies afterwards!

Shopping Street :

  • Pandri : A wholesale market called Pandri Cloth Market is situated in Devendra Nagar close to the city centre mall. It is not just one of Raipur's top clothing stores, but it is also among its least expensive. It offers a large range of fabric products for sale, including dress materials and fully sewn clothing. It is situated in the centre of the city and is one of the biggest wholesale clothing marketplaces in Raipur. The market is frequently packed because of its proximity to the bus stop and train station. You may purchase clothing for your wedding guests at reasonable retail and wholesale prices at the Pandri Cloth market. Because it serves proprietors of retail clothing stores, both locals and visitors adore this market.
  • Malviya Road : It is situated on Malviya Road next to the Jain Temple. You may get pre-made clothing such as dresses, lehangas, and blouses here. This market also sells handbags of different sizes. This market offers a wide variety of domestic goods, such as picture frames, tablecloths for the court, flower vases, and many more.
  • Gol Bazaar : Golbazar's streets and roadways will be paved in a manner similar to those of international marketplaces. It is a hybrid market with both large stores for shopping and little stalls along the road. In this market, you may find almost anything connected to fashion, home design, gadgets, and education. There are many different educational-related businesses at the market, which is next to the police station. There are goods associated to this market in addition to pooja and aarti goods. This market also has a well-known candy store. When you go, don't forget to indulge in their treats.
  • Sadar bazaar : One of Raipur's most well-known and adored markets, Sadar Bazar is renowned for its stunning jewellery and delectable Chhattisgarh food. In the heart of the shopping extravaganza, you'll discover tantalising food and collections of captivating jewels.

  • Courtyard By Marriott Raipur : The hotel's great location, tasty meals, competent service, and spotless rooms are some of its most lauded and talked-about qualities. The Courtyard by Marriott Raipur is an excellent choice for travellers looking for a 5-star hotel in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The hotel's regular check-in and check-out hours are 3:00 PM and 12:00 PM, respectively. As a couple-friendly facility, unmarried couples are welcome to stay here with total assurance.
  • MAYFAIR Lake Resort : Among tourists, the Mayfair Lake Resort is widely renowned. This facility has high levels of client satisfaction because to the easy check-in/check-out procedure, flexible policies, and welcoming management team. 2:00 PM and 12:00 PM, respectively, are the standard check-in and check-out times at the hotel.
  • Sayaji Raipur : Sayaji Raipur is quite well known among tourists. This facility has high levels of client satisfaction because to the easy check-in/check-out procedure, flexible policies, and welcoming management team. The hotel's normal check-in and check-out times are 12:00 PM and 10:00 AM, respectively. As a couple-friendly facility, unmarried couples are welcome to stay here with total assurance.
  • Singhania Sarovar Portico : The Singhania Sarovar Portico is a popular attraction for visitors. This facility has high levels of client satisfaction because to the easy check-in/check-out procedure, flexible policies, and welcoming management team.. 2:00 PM and 12:00 PM, respectively, are the standard check-in and check-out times at the hotel.
  • The M Hotel : The M Hotel is extremely well-liked by tourists. This facility has high levels of client satisfaction because to the easy check-in/check-out procedure, flexible policies, and welcoming management team.. 8:00 PM and 1:00 PM, respectively, are the hotel's customary check-in and check-out times.
How to Reach
Best time To visit

In the winter, from November through January, when temperatures easily fluctuate between 14 and 28 degrees Celsius, Raipur is at its most attractive. Raipur shares a tropical wet and dry climate like the other major cities in India. It may get quite hot from March through June, with highs of 48 degrees Celsius. Mild weather prevails for the remainder of the year. Throughout the monsoon months of June, July, and August, the city has average rainfall of 1300 millimetres. From November through January, mild winters are possible, with occasional lows of 5 degrees Celsius.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is Gol Bazar Similar To Chandni Chowk Delhi?

In Raipur, Gole Bazar is comparable to Chandni Chowk in New Delhi. You've got it right; everything from little gadgets for arranging the house to collections of bridal cosmetics may be found. One of Raipur's oldest marketplaces, this one is a women's and young girls' shopping heaven. During several festivals and the Chhattisgarh festival seasons, the market is crowded.

Which Chhattisgarh Market Is The Finest For Buying Jewellery?

The Sadar Bazar is the best spot to buy wedding presents if you're looking for ethnic clothing and elaborate jewellery.

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