Indore, the most populous city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh is known for the 7-story Rajwada Palace and the Lal Baag Palace. The city is also famous for installing a 30-foot high replica of cricket World Cup trophy which costed nearly Rs 12 lakh. Indore houses one of the advanced technology centers in India known as Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology (RRCAT), founded in 1984.


Indore is the cultural hub of Madhya Pradesh. The city not only offers daytime activities, but also offers some awesome and cool nightlife scenes.

If you want to discover some of the best pubs in the city, than below is the list:


No vacations are complete if you haven’t explored the streets for shopping.

In fact, the holidays are kind of incomplete without shopping . There are a lot of shopping spots in Indore which offers great stuff at an affordable price. Some of them are:


The city is the biggest and most populated in Madhya Pradesh. If you are someone who likes to spend some quality time with your loved ones, than Malls are the best option. And, if you're a shopaholic, than a retail therapy is must, especially, when there are great discounts and deals!

Explore some of the best Malls in the city listed below:


When you walk out in the street of Indore and get a smell of delicious, fresh poha and kadhai jalebis, than only you will know why the city is heaven for vegetarian street food lovers.

Below is the list of some of the best Indore street food that is enough to tempt you. Keep scrolling down!


There are many great places in Indore where you can get a glimpse into the city’s rich culture and past.

Some of the histotical places are:


The green gardens and parks of the city provides the much needed break to the people. These parks are an ideal hub for the eldererly to conduct their meditation, kids can play and enjoy, young ones can jog or do some sports activities. The parks and gardens of the city are well maintained. Below is the list:


The museums in Indore are a reminder of the city's past and culture. The city has been able to preserve the charm and magic of the past.

The museums in Indore only stand testimony to the rich heritage of the city.


Indore is home to one and only wildlife sanctuary that is Mandla Plant Fossils National Park, one of the oldest sanctuary. The River Narmada, which is 150 million years old graces the sanctuary with its presence. The sanctuary houses deer, wild hare, tigers and an unseen variety of birds.


Replete with a number of ancient temples, the city of Indore has so much to impress visitors. If you are done exploring best monuments, museums, shopping streets, than it is time for you to explore some of the best religious temples in the city. Best religious sites are:


The city's restaurants serve both popular Indian as well as International dishes that tantalize the taste buds. Check out some og the best restaurants :


If you are planning to visit the city of Indore, consider checking in these below great hotels :


Indore is a city that still celebrates traditional festivals which originated centuries back. People in Indore celebrate almost every festival with a great enthusiasm and energy. Some of the festivals that are celebrated in the city are:



Marathi is the principal language of the city but languages like Urdu, Sindhi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Bengali are spoken as well.