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Dhone, also known as Dronachalam, is a town in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh's Nandyal district. It is a municipality in the Dhone mandal. According to local legend, the village's name is derived from the name of the mentor Dronacharya, a character in the Mahabharata who meditated on the village's hill.The rainy season in Dhone is muggy and overcast, the dry season is partly cloudy, and it is hot all year. Throughout the year, the temperature normally ranges from 60°F to 104°F, with temperatures rarely falling below 55°F or rising over 109°F.

Places to visit

  • Kalvabugga Rameswara Swamy Temple : In the Andhra Pradesh district is the Kalvabugga Rameswara Swamy (Siva) Temple. One of the most important sacred sites in the state is this Hindu temple, which honors the Hindu deity Shiva. The location is ideal if you're seeking for a place of worship. Every year, a large number of followers come here to offer prayers.Every year, hundreds of devotees flock here to offer their prayers. However, that doesn't jar the temple's serenity. The building was freshly painted, yet its old-world beauty has been preserved. Spend a few hours here if you want to learn about the temple's spiritual significance.
  • Distance: Kalvabugga Rameswara Swamy Temple 48 kilometers away from Dhone

  • Jogulamba Temple : The stunning temple and the ruins of a few older temples represent Badami Chalukyan architecture in this area. Many South Indian dynasties dominated the area. Jogulamba and Balabrahmeshwara are the main deities in the Jogulamba temple. The fifth of the nation's 18 Shakti Peetams is the goddess Jogulamba. Goddess Jogulamba is depicted in this image sitting on a corpse and wearing a scorpion, frog, and lizard on her head. She is shown as a furious goddess who confers siddhi in yoga and goes about the world naked with her tongue hanging out. This goddess is known as Jogulamba. In Telugu, this word is a modified version of "YogulaAmma," which means "Mother of Yogis." In accordance with a well-known myth, the Chalukya monarch Pulakesi II was close to the renowned saint Rasa Siddha, who is said to have had the ability to turn base metal into gold. Rasa Siddha is also credited with helping to build any temples known as "Nava Brahmas." There are nine temples here, and the myth goes that Rasa Siddha gave Siva his nine names, which are actually the names of medicinal herbs. They are Swarga Brahma Temple, Padma Brahma Temple, Vishva Brahma Temple, Arka Brahma Temple, Bala Brahma Temple, Garuda Brahma Temple, and Taraka Brahma Temple.
  • Distance: Jogulamba Temple is 69 kilometres away from Dhone

  • Sri VasaviKanyakaParameswari Temple: Sri VasaviKannikaParameshwari Temple is a well-known temple dedicated to Goddess Sri VasaviKannikaParameshwari and is located in Penugonda, a town in the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. This temple is revered by Vysyas as the "Kasi of Vysyas" and is a sacred location. A lofty raja gopuram and exquisitely sculpted walls can be found in the temple's spacious garbhagriha. Vastu Sastra was strictly followed during the temple's construction. The temple has grand courtyards, several mini-shrines, enormous garba-grihas, and magnificent mukhamandapas in addition to prakaras, tall Gopuras, and large courtyards. The temple is oriented toward the east. Other shrines include those for Lord Nageshwara Swamy, Goddesses KanyakaParameswari, Mahishasuramardhini, Lord Vinayaka, and Navagrahas. The Astalakshmi Temple is located nearby to the VasaviKanyakaParameswari Temple.
  • Distance: Sri VasaviKannikaParameshwariTemple is 19 kilometres away from Dhone

How to Reach

  • By Air – Bangalore International Airport, 215 kilometers
  • By Train - Tadipatri Railway Station 4kilometres, Anantapur 58 kilometres .
  • By Road - Tadipatri 3 kilometres, Anantapur 59kilometres.

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