Dibrugarh is a city in the northeast Indian state of Assam . It lies on the mighty Brahmaputra River which is known to be the 9th largest river in the world by discharge, and the 15th longest.

Dibrugarh is surrounded by sprawling tea estates – which are an integral part of Assam’s culture and vegetation.


Some of the top places to see in Dibrugarh include the following -

Northeast of the city, Dibru Saikhowa National Park is an island reserve that attracts many migratory birds.

  • Dehing Patkai – A beautiful rainforest and wildlife sanctuary spread over an area of approximately 111 sq. km. 
  • The Brahmaputra River
  • Naharkatia – A hub of Assam’s famous tea plantations.
  • Joypur Rainforest – A beautiful green sanctuary with various species of trees.


  • Radha Krishna Mandir – A Hindu temple constructed in pure marble.
  • Shri Jagannath Temple


  • Hitendranath Barua Science and Culture Park – A science gallery featuring life-size animal sculptures and an open-air stage.
  • Dibrugarh District Museum – A government owned and maintained museum.
  • Anthropological Museum, Dibrugarh University.


The major festivals celebrated in Guwahati include –

  • Holi – Festival of colors, celebrated in March.
  • Bihu – This is an important harvest/folk festival celebrated all over Assam state; there are 3 forms of Bihu namely –
    • Bohag/Rongali Bihu (celebrated in April to mark the beginning of the Assamese new year and welcome spring season)
    • Kati/Kongali Bihu (celebrated in mid-October to mark the maturing of paddy crops)
    • Magh/Bhogali Bihu (celebrated to mark the successful harvesting of crops)
  • Brahmaputra Beach Festival – An annual fair/festival that honours the Brahmaputra River during the spring season; and is held along its shores. It is a three-day event that includes various cultural events, dancing, display of crafts, and some water sports too!
  • Durga Puja and Navratri – Celebrated in Honor of Goddess Durga killing the demon Mahishasur; celebrated in October.
  • Diwali – Festival of Lights; Celebrated in October-November; honoring Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth.


Dibrugarh has a good shopping scene too, with markets selling Assam silk sarees, cane and Bamboo products, fancy jewellery, local handicraft items and the most popular souvenir - Assam Tea! Dibrugarh is called the nerve centre of the tea industry in India with a number of tea gardens, and estates where people can take a tour of tea manufacturing as well as shop for tea and tea products to take home. Here are some of the top shopping spots in Dibrugarh –

  • Khaleel Market
  • Jalan South Tea Estate
  • Amolapatty Bazar
  • Naliapol Bazar
  • New Market


  • Ranghar Plaza Mall
  • Junction Mall
  • Vishal Mega Mart
  • Khushee Mega Mart


Dibrugarh, being a city in the state of Assam, Assamese cuisine is of course predominant in the food scene of this city. The staple grain is rice, which is eaten along with dishes made with lots of vegetables, fish, meat and fruits. Some local dishes to try here include –

  • Khar – A dish that uses raw papaya, mustard leaves pulses and some vegetable or fish)
  • Masor Tonga – A sour fish curry
  • Komolar Kheer – A sweet and citrusy orange (fruit) and milk pudding
  • Pithas – Deep fried sweet balls of flour and other ingredients)


Following is a list of some of best restaurants in Dibrugarh to try the local delicacies as well as other interesting foods and sumptuous meals –

  • Moti Mahal Deluxe Tandoori Trail
  • Jo: Saag
  • Chakhum Restaurant
  • Moung Phi Inn
  • Chawla Dillivala
  • Sunfeast Inn
  • Joug Mohan Sweet
  • Zaffran
  • Garden Treat
  • Riddhi Restaurant


Some of the best hotels in Dibrugarh for a comfortable stay include the following –

  • Hotel Raj Palace
  • Hotel Aatreyee
  • Hotel Natraj
  • Hotel Tea City
  • Maurya Hotel
  • Hotel Rajawas
  • Hotel Vishal
  • Townhouse – The Urban Inn
  • Aashiana Lodge
  • Hotel Tree Fern


Dibrugarh also has a few good bars and pubs with goof food, drinks and ambience, for people to hang out during late hours. These include –

  • Sky Bar & Lounge Tea County
  • YOLO
  • Milan Jyoti Sangha
  • A.P.L Officers Club


Dibrugarh STD Code – 0373 (to be used before dialling numbers from a device that is not locally registered)

Common emergency numbers -

  • Police helpline – 100
  • Fire emergency – 101
  • Accident helpline (Government ambulance) – 102, 108
  • Women Helpline – 1091
  • Child Helpline - 1098


Assamese language is the official language of Dibrugarh.


  • how are you - Kya haal hai aa
  • what is your name - Tumhaara naam kya he
  • My name is - Mera naam hai
  • Good Morning - Shubh prabhaat
  • Good Evening - gud ivaning
  • I am fine - Mai theek

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