Dumka, Jharkhand

Dumka is a city in the Indian state of Jharkhand and serves as the administrative center for the Santhal Pargana and Dumka districts. After the Santal Hool of 1855, it became the center of the Santhal Pargana region, which was formed by combining the Bhagalpur and Birbhum districts.

Places to visit

  • Baba Basukinath Dham : Basukinath is situated in Jharkhand's Dumka District. It is around 25 km northwest of Dumka and is located on the Deoghar-Dumka state route. Hindus visit there as a site of worship. The main draw in this area is the Basukinath Temple. The closest railheads are Jamtara and Jasidih Junction Railway Stations. The closest airport is Ranchi Airport. It is located 24 kilometers from the district office in Dumka at Jarmundi Block on the Dumka Deoghar State Highway. Every year, countless numbers of people go from all across the nation to this location to worship Lord Shiva. Many nationalities travel here to worship Lord Shiva during the month of Shravan.
  • Distance: Baba Basukinath Dham is 24 kilometers away from Dumka

  • Masanjore Dam : A well-known picnic area in Jharkhand's Dumka District is called Masanjore. South of Dumka, this tiny town is roughly 31 kilometers away. One of the main attractions is the charming Tilpara Barrage, commonly known as Canada Dam, on the Mayurakshi River. The dam is the ideal location for a day trip because it is surrounded by hills and forests. In the village, the Mayurakshi Bhawan Bungalow and Inspection Bungalow both provide first-rate lodging. Masanjor Dame, also known as the Pearson Dame on Rever Mayurakshi, is a lovely location at the base of many parallel hill ranges covered in forest. Its appeal is enhanced by the lovely garden on the hill and the two lovely Dak-bunglows on the riverbank.
  • Distance: Masanjore Dam is 38 kilometers away from Dumka

  • Malooti : At a distance of 55 kilometers from the administrative center of the Dumka District, Malooti is a historical and religious site located in Shikaripara Block on the Dumka Rampurhat interstate route. The then-King Basant Rai, often known as Basant, declared Mallooti to be a capital with no taxation. This Mallooti is known for its scenic beauty, historical significance, and spiritual significance.
  • Distance: Malooti is 56 kilometers away from Dumka

How to Reach

  • By Air - By way of routine flights, Dumka is not well connected to other significant cities in the nation. Jessore, which is 139 kilometers away, is home to the closest airport.
  • By Train - Regular trains from other significant cities in the nation don't run to Dumka. Deoghar, 60 kilometers away, is home to the closest railway station.

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