Dumraon is a subdivision in the Indian state of Bihar's Buxar district. It is also one of Bihar's oldest municipalities as well as one of India's oldest princely states, known as Dumraon Raj.

Places to visit

  • Buxar Fort : Buxar is a historic town located just south of the sacred Ganga River. Because it is related with Lord Rama, the place has immense religious significance in Hinduism. The significance of the Buxar fort stems from its placement on the banks of the Ganga. On October 23, 1764, a major fight took place here between the British army and the armies of Shuja-ud-Dowlah and Kasim Ali Khan.
  • Distance: Buxar Fort is 23 kilometres away from Dumraon

  • Brahmeshwar Nath Temple : The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva, and the temple has a myth about a great monarch named Mohamad Ghaznavi who planned to plunder the temple. It is reported that the villagers and devotees told him numerous times that the temple's treasure could not be harmed, and that if you want to do the same, no one can defend you from Lord Shiva's wrath. The arrogant emperor ignored the devotees and offended Lord Shiva by questioning His presence in the temple, daring Lord Shiva to leave the temple unhurt if the temple's entrance moved from east to west until sunrise. He was surprised to discover the temple's entrance shifted to the west in the morning. The emperor recognized Lord Shiva's might and fled without looting the shrine.
  • Distance: BrahmeshwarNath Templeis 21 kilometres away from Dumraon

  • Bihariji Temple: In 1825, King Jaiprakash Singh constructed the temple. Because of its amazing art and rich culture, Bihariji Temple is one of the most prestigious temples in the world. Throughout the year, many devotees and pilgrims visit this shrine. Lord Krishna and Bharat Ratna are also honored in the shrine. Ustad Bismillah Khan and his father used to play Shehnai here. Devotees come from all across the country to offer holy prayers and receive God's blessings.
  • Distance: Bihariji Temple is 300 metre away from Dumraon

How to Reach

  • By Air- The nearest domestic airport is Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport in Patna, which is 119 kilometers from Dumraon.
  • By Rail- It is well connected by train to several major cities in North India. There are numerous trains that connect Dumraon to key cities including as Howrah, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, and New Delhi, among others.

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