Gadhada, Gujarat

Gadhada is a tiny city in Gujarat's Botad District. Gadhada is also known by historical names such as Barwal and Gadhpur. It is located on the Ghela River's bank. The city is located near Ahmedabad at an elevation. The Swaminarayan Temple, constructed by Lord Swaminarayan himself, is well-known among pilgrims. The temple is built on "Gadh," or Little Mountain, which gives rise to the names Gadhpur and Gadhada.

Places to visit

  • Swaminarayan Temple : This massive temple dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan is situated on a tiny mountain. Dada Khachar was a devoted follower of Lord Swaminarayan. He gave the site on which this tall temple was constructed. Dada Khachar's house has a large open courtyard. The temple is constructed on this courtyard space. Dada Khachar's house has a court in the southern section. In his mind, the court still exists in its former form. Lord Swaminarayan is claimed to have spent more than 27 years of his life here, and it is also one of the nine temples he founded. Lord Swaminarayan himself assisted in the construction of the temple by lifting stones, and he also oversaw the work. Lord Swaminarayan's heavenly presence at the temple is still felt by his devotees. This is the reason this city is so famous among Swaminarayan followers, yet Gadhada is a small city with no commercialization. The event took place on October 9, 1828. Even when fully expanded, the temple has two storeys with three parallel domes divided by lush green meadows. Lord Harikrishna and Lord Gopinath are in the central dome, Lord Vasudeva and Lord Dharma are on the western side dome, together with Bhakti Devi, and Lord Shri Krishna, Revti, Baldevji, and Lord Suryanarayan are on the eastern side dome.
  • Distance: Swaminarayan Temple is 200 metres away from Gadhada

  • Ghela River: Lord Swaminarayan used to bathe at the Ghela River with his saints. The river flows on the temple's southern flank. Lord Swaminarayan regularly sat and preached on river banks, giving rise to the names Narayan Dharo and Sahasra Dharo. On the riverbank, there are little shrines dedicated to Lord Neelkanth and Lord Hanuman. People come to sit on the smooth stones and take in the visual beauty of the flowing water and surrounding foliage since the river is left untouched by built fences.
  • Distance: Ghela River is 44 kilometres away from Gadhada

  • Lakshmi Wadi: The cremation ground of Lord Swaminarayan is known as Lakshmi Wadi and is located just outside of town. It is a single dome temple that houses some of Lord Swaminarayan's mortal remains. Lord Swaminarayan observed Sharadotsava near a neem tree overlooking the Lakshmi Wadi.
  • Distance: Lakshmi Wadi is 33 kilometres away from Gadhada

How to Reach

  • There is no train service. The nearest cities with train stations are Ningala and Botad, both 27 kilometers from Gadhada. Buses and private vehicles run frequently between these places and Gadhada. You can also board direct buses from adjacent major cities such as Ahmedabad (180 km) or Bhavnagar (180 km) (80 km). Private vehicles also operate between Gadhada and other adjacent cities. Gadhada can also be accessible by air; however it does not have its own airport. Bhavnagar and Ahmedabad have the closest airports to Gadhada. From these cities, connecting bus services or private vehicles are commonly available to reach Gadhada.

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