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India’s party capital, Goa is home to some of the finest beaches in India and one of them is Anjuna Beach. Located on the west coast of Goa stretching by the Arabian Sea, Anjuna beach is one of the most visited and popular beaches in Goa. The arrival of hippies in the 1950s put the beach in the hotspot and now it is a popular tourist destination among the locals and foreigners alike. Anjuna beach grows on you as you start exploring it and take in the beauty of the exquisite landscape. Known for its trendy nightclubs, beachside resorts, adventure sports, and stunning visuals, Anjuna beach caters to travelers of every travel taste and budget and is a nirvana within Goa.

Stretching to a far end, Anjuna beach is a picturesque landscape with white sand deep blue waters of the Arabian Sea dotted with tall palm trees. Its northern coast offers many adventures and watersports like parasailing, jet ski, bungee jumping, bumper rides, and much more, and the southern end of the beach has a rocky headland perfect for Instagram-worthy pictures. The beach is known as Goa’s ‘multidimensional entertainment hub’.

Anjuna Beach is visited by many locals and photographers to capture some stunning sunrise and sunset views reflecting the light in the water and making the place glow. The amalgamation of white sand and crystal blue water creates a magnificent view and is soothing to the eyes. Also, apart from all the fun on the beach, you would not want to miss the Anjuna flea market near the beach. If you happen to be on the beach on a Wednesday, do shop from the flea market a variety of items from all over India. Don’t forget to bargain!

Things to Do in Anjuna Beach


Adventure and Watersports

Amplify your experience at the Anjuna beach with some fun-filled and thrilling adventure and watersports. Hand over your camera to your friends or a family member and capture the moments enjoying sports such as parasailing, bungee jumping, jet-skiing, snorkeling, bumper rides, banana boat rides, and scuba diving.



Shop at the small stalls outside the beach or head over to Anjuna flea market where you can get merchandise from all over India. Shop from Tibetan and Kashmiri traders, colorful Rajasthani sarees, bags and artifacts from Gujarat, and much more.



Swimming is the basic activity that one must indulge in while visiting the beach. Head over to the shoreline and dive in to play splash with your loved ones.


Beach Shacks

The hippy shacks at the beach are the resting spot for visitors where you can enjoy mouth-watering food and groove with some soothing music. Anjuna beach has shacks such as Curlies Beach Shacks, Tantra Café, and Huts, Shiva Valley, etc., that will have your feet dancing even before you enter.


Sun Bathing

Bask in the warmth of the sun on the sea lounges and relax your mind and body while taking in the beauty of your surroundings at Anjuna beach.

Places to Visit Near Anjuna Beach

Laid with many beautiful natural and man-made sights, one has to stop by to witness the historical monuments and architectural beauties near Anjuna Beach.

1. Aguada Fort

2. St. Anthony’s Church

3. Baga Beach

4. Chapora Fort

5. Albuquerque Mansion

Places to Eat and Enjoy Nightlife in Anjuna Beach

You can’t visit Anjuna beach without tasting the authentic Goan flavors and dancing on the groovy music in some of the best party spots of the city. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife of the party hub of India while relishing some delectable cuisines in a laid-back setting.

1. Eva Café

2. Goa’s Ark

3. Oasis Café

4. Artjuna

5. Xtreme Sports Bar

6. Shiva Valley

7. Club Cubana

8. Curlies

How to Reach Anjuna Beach?


Best Time to Visit Anjuna Beach

The perfect time to enjoy this beach is between November to March as the weather is quite pleasant and breezy this time. It is advisable to keep full sleeves clothes with you as the temperature can drop to 21 degrees Celsius.

The summers are hot and not very ideal time for vacation, though, you will find less crowd during this time.

You must be careful if you are visiting during the monsoons i.e., between June and September. The tides are high and risky for a swim or any water activity and the heavy rainfall can disrupt your itinerary .

Anjuna Beach

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