Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Welcome to Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Goa's lush green landscapes. This sanctuary, spread over 208.48 square kilometers, is a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you on a virtual tour of Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, providing essential information about its diverse flora and fauna, the best time to visit, and how to reach this natural paradise.

Discovering Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Flora and Fauna
Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary boasts an impressive biodiversity, making it a hotspot for ecotourism in Goa. The sanctuary is a part of the Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its rich and unique ecosystem. Here's what you can expect to see:


  • Leopards: Mhadei is home to a healthy population of leopards. Spotting one of these elusive big cats is a rare but thrilling experience.
  • Indian Bison (Gaur): These massive herbivores are often spotted grazing peacefully in the sanctuary's grasslands.
  • Sambar Deer: Keep an eye out for these elegant deer species as they roam freely within the sanctuary.
  • Malabar Giant Squirrel: Known for their vibrant fur and long tails, these squirrels add a splash of color to the sanctuary's canopy.
  • Various Bird Species: Birdwatchers will be delighted to find an array of avian species, including the Malabar pied hornbill, great Indian hornbill, and many more.


  • Evergreen and Semi-Evergreen Forests: These dense forests are a treat for the eyes, with their lush greenery and diverse plant life.
  • Bamboo Groves: Mhadei is known for its dense bamboo thickets, providing a unique habitat for various wildlife.
  • Medicinal Plants: The sanctuary is a treasure trove of medicinal herbs and plants, some of which are used in traditional medicine.

Best Time to Visit

Once you arrive at Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, you can park your vehicle at the designated parking area near the entrance. To explore the sanctuary, you have two primary options:

  • Guided Tours: It's highly recommended to take a guided tour to fully appreciate the sanctuary's biodiversity. Knowledgeable guides can help you spot wildlife and provide valuable insights into the ecosystem.
  • Trekking: If you're an adventure enthusiast, you can explore the sanctuary's trails on foot. Be sure to obtain the necessary permits from the Forest Department before embarking on your trek.

Tips for a Memorable Visit

  • Permits: Ensure that you obtain the required permits from the Forest Department before entering the sanctuary.
  • Binoculars and Cameras: Don't forget to carry binoculars and cameras to capture the stunning wildlife and landscapes.
  • Appropriate Clothing: Dress in comfortable, earth-toned clothing to blend in with the surroundings and reduce disturbance to wildlife.
  • Litter-Free Zone: Help preserve the sanctuary's pristine environment by not leaving any litter behind.
  • Respect Wildlife: Maintain a safe distance from wildlife, and never feed or disturb animals.
  • Safety: Follow safety guidelines provided by your guide and the Forest Department.

How to Reach:

By Air The nearest airport to Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is Dabolim Airport in Goa, which is well-connected to major cities in India and some international destinations. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or rent a car to reach the sanctuary.
By Train The closest railway station to Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is Thivim Railway Station, which is approximately 35 kilometers away. You can book a taxi or use public transportation to reach the sanctuary from the station.
By Road Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is easily accessible by road, and this is often the preferred mode of transportation for many visitors. Here are some popular routes to reach the sanctuary:

  • From Panaji: If you're starting from Goa's capital, Panaji, take NH 66 (also known as NH 17) towards Mapusa. From Mapusa, continue on NH 66 until you reach Valpoi. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is approximately 30 kilometers from Valpoi.
  • From Margao: If you're in Margao, you can take NH 66 northwards to reach the sanctuary. The distance is approximately 80 kilometers.
  • From Belgaum (Karnataka): If you're coming from Karnataka, the sanctuary is accessible via NH 748. Drive towards Ramnagaram, then continue on NH 748 until you reach the sanctuary.
While the roads leading to the sanctuary are generally well-maintained, it's essential to drive cautiously, especially during the monsoon season when some routes may become slippery.


Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa is a nature lover's paradise, offering a unique opportunity to connect with the rich biodiversity of the Western Ghats. Plan your visit during the post-monsoon season for the best experience, and follow our guidelines for a safe and memorable trip. Whether you're a wildlife enthusiast, a birdwatcher, or simply seeking tranquility in nature, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Goa's wilderness. Come and explore the hidden wonders of this natural paradise.

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

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