Gomia, Jharkhand

Gomia is a census town located in the Gomia CD block of the Bermo subdivision of the Bokaro district in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Over time, Gumia underwent a name change to become its current form. However, the South Eastern Railway still refers to it as Gumia today.

Places to visit

  • Parasnath Hills: The Parasnath Hills are a group of hills located in a section of the Giridih district in Jharkhand, India. As twenty of the twenty-four Jain Tirthankaras, including Parasnath, attained moksha here in the Parasnath hills, these hills are regarded as the most revered religious location for Jains. Shikharji, a well-known Jain pilgrimage, is likewise located at the 1350-meter peak of the Parasnath Hills.
  • Distance: Parasnath Hills is 72 kilometers away from Gomia

  • Ayyappa Mandir: The only temple in the region that receives the majority of its visitors from the South Indian community is Ayyappa Mandir. This temple is similar to the well-known temple in Kerala. Among Hindus, Ayyappa Mandir is highly revered. Because of this, devotees from diverse groups of people go there to ask for blessings. You will witness temples to many gods and goddesses as soon as you step foot on the grounds of the Ayyappa temple in Bokaro. There, you can find the shrines of Lord Ayyappa, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and other deities. The Ayyappa Seva Sangham of Bokaro operates and manages Ayyappa Mandir, which first opened to the public in 1983. In the midst of the city’s chaos, the temple is rather lovely and quite distinctive.
  • Distance: Ayyappa Mandir is 59 kilometers away from Gomia

  • Bokaro Ispat Pustakalaya: You should go to Bokaro Ispat Pustakalaya. The Bokaro Steel Plant manages the Bokaro Ispat Pustakalaya library. This library offers more than 40,000 book collections and is quite useful. The library has a lot of books that might help you learn more about and comprehend the city. The unique volumes in this location will be much appreciated by book lovers. You won’t have any trouble finding the library because it is situated in the heart of Bokaro. You may quickly locate a cab or an autorickshaw to take you to this library.
  • Distance: Bokaro Ispat Pustakalaya is 58 kilometers away from Gomia

How to Reach

  • By Air - Gomia is not well connected by regular flights to other significant cities in the nation. The closest airport is located 98 kilometers away in Ranchi.
  • By Train - From other significant cities in the nation, it is simple to take regular train’s to Gomia.

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