Vegetarian cuisine is pre-dominant in Gujarat and people here barely eat meat, neither are these served at most restaurants and gatherings here. Also, Gujarat is a dry state - alcohol is not widely or freely available here.

People, especially visitors from other cities and countries will need to obtain liquor permits as this is required for anyone wanting to consume alcohol. Upscale hotels that have bars sometimes can help get a liquor permit sometimes for their customers.

Gujarati cuisine has a wide variety of delicious vegetarian foods and snacks which are usually served in the form of a Thaali (arrangement of various dishes in a large plate with bowls, etc). Some popular dishes and snacks of Gujarat include: Undhiyu, Dhokla, Khakhra, Thepla, Khichu, Shrikand, Kadhi, Bhakri, Kachori, Handvo, and so on.

Most of these use a lot of vegetables, pulses, chickpea flour, spices and sugar too! Almost all Guajarati dishes have a hint of sweetness (including snacks and main course dishes).

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