Gumla, Jharkhand

In the Indian state of Jharkhand, the city of Gumla serves as the administrative center for the Gumla district and its Gumla subdivision.

Places to visit

  • Tanginath: A number of architectural structures can be found in Tanginath that date from the prehistoric to the medieval periods. It is not concealed, but the Indian Archaeological Society appears to be ignoring it. It is a significant location with archeological significance and needs to be the focus of study. It is referred to as Shivashali and is well-known for its excellent rustproof iron trishool. Tanginath is located in the Gumla District's Dumri Block. The distance between Dumri and Gumla's administrative center is 8 kilometers, or roughly 50 kilometers. Dumri is accessible, but the route after that is difficult. Tanginath is perched atop a 300-foot-high hill.
  • Distance: Tanginath is 64 kilometers away from Gumla

  • Devaki: Devaki is a sacred location located in Ghaghra Block beside the Ghaghra River. It is well-known for having a Shiva-Parvati temple. During Sawan month, this location transforms into a fairground as pilgrims from all over the world gather to donate water to the Shiva Linga. Everyone is drawn to the area because of its picturesque splendor. The ShivaLinga was unearthed in 1967–1968 and is from the middle Ages. An entire temple was built atop this Shiva Linga.
  • Distance: Devaki is 31 kilometers away from Gumla

  • Harinath: Gajghat Ray, the 22nd monarch of the Naga dynasty and the son of Raja Mohan Ray, built the Mahamaya temple, which serves as the symbol of this community. He was in charge from 869 until 905 AD. He entrusted his guru, a Rashtrakuta (Marathi) Brahmin named Harinath, with taking care of the shrine. Raja Shivdas Karn erected a statue of Lord Vishnu in the year 1391 AD. When Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (1445–1535 AD) traveled from Jagannathpuri to Mathura in around 1485 AD, he chose this route. The original temple was demolished by certain tribal people during an uncontrolled kohl uprising against the diku, according to the Ranchi Gazetteer. Virumu Ram's songs attest to this.
  • Distance: Harinath is 35 kilometers away from Gumla

How to Reach

  • By Air - Regular flights are not a good way to get from Gumla to other significant cities in the nation. The closest airport is located 84 kilometers away in Ranchi.
  • By Train - Regular trains from other significant cities in the nation don't run to Gumla. With a distance of 84 kilometers, Ranchi has the closest railway station.

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