Sarod Museum

A museum dedicated to the art of music, Sarod Ghar is a museum located in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh and has an extensive and fascinating collection of old Indian classical instruments that entices even those visitors with no knowledge of music.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 10 am to 5 pm (Sunday closed)

Location: Jiwaji Ganj, Ratan Colony, Sheikh Ki Bagiya, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Entry Fees: Rs20 for Indians, Rs100 for foreigners

About the Museum

Located in the historical town of Gwalior, Sarod Ghar is a museum dedicated to Indian classical music and is nothing short of dreamland for a music lover. Established to endorse Indian classical music, heritage, and culture, Sarod Ghar is also known as Kala Vathika which is housed in the ancestral home of Amjad Ali Khan, the well-known Sarod Maestro. He bestowed his property for this prestigious cause which is now owned by Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan Memorial Trust and serves the purpose of enlightening the visitors about classical Indian music and the classical instruments used or were used in India.

Upon stepping into the museum, the visitors are greeted with a showcase of some antique instruments of the great Indian Masters and an impressive collection of pictures and documents. Among the collection of instruments that are exhibited in the museum, the ones that catch the attention of the visitors are the instruments of the forefathers of Amjad Ali Khan. The exhibits include Sarods of Nanne Khan and Rabab belonging to Ghulam Bandagi Khan Bangash along with the rare and beautiful instruments belonging to Hafiz Ali Khan and Asghar Ali Khan that enhance the pious charm of this place.

The aura of the place is kept alive through regular audio programs and live performances and also to keep up with the museum's aim and motive. The museum also has a separate database of all the classical music and instruments which is available to the general public in the form of books and articles.

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