Haflong, Assam

Haflong is a town and the administrative center of the Dima Hasao district in the Indian state of Assam. It is Assam's sole hill station. You will be captivated by the grandeur of the surroundings when traveling to Haflong from Maibong or Guwahati. Haflong is worth visiting because of its lush, rolling hills, temperate climate, stunning lakes, and plenty of historically significant structures.

Places to visit

  • Borail Wildlife Sanctuary : A drive to the beautiful Borail Wildlife Sanctuary would be ideal if you want to satiate your hunger for discovering Assam's wildlife. The renowned Himalayan black bear, clouded leopards, and, among birds, a white-backed vulture and pheasants, will enthrall you, are among the sights you'll get to witness.
  • Distance: Borail Wildlife Sanctuary is 76 kilometres away from Haflong

  • Bird-Watching Point : Going bird watching is among the most exciting activities to do. Many of the lakes and water basins in Haflong are home to some amazing migrating birds. Numerous birds, including the Tiger Bittern and Amur Falcon, frequently congregate in Haflong and Jatinga. Visitors that come here should visit the wetlands right away in order to see the birds.
  • Distance: Bird-Watching Point is 97 kilometres away from Haflong

  • Witness Bird-suicides in Jatinga: Jatinga attracts a large number of ornithologists and nature lovers from all over the world to explore an enigmatic mystery every year between August and November. You will witness hundreds of birds taking their own lives. This strange conduct is really puzzling.
  • Distance: Witness Bird-suicides in Jatinga is 5.4 kilometres away from Haflong

  • Panimoor waterfalls: One of the most beautiful waterfalls is Panimoor. If you want to visit Panimoor and soak your feet in the flowing falls, don't waste time by delaying your trip there. The area gets very chilly in the winter, and the waterfall's flow is slightly diminished. Autumn is the most gorgeous time for leaves. The region's spring is also pleasant because the temperature stays moderate. The water can dry up somewhat in the summer due to the heat, but it can become disastrous during the monsoon. Therefore, it is best to stay away from the area during the late summer and monsoon seasons.
  • Distance: Panimoor waterfalls is 98 kilometres away from Haflong

  • Haflong Lake : Haflong Lake, one of Assam's most picturesque lakes, is a popular tourist attraction and can be found right in the center of the city. This location is a must-see sight for tourists. Boating and picnicking are among the recreational pursuits that visitors can partake in at the lake location.
  • Distance: Haflong Lake is 500 metres away from Haflong

How to Reach

  • Haflong, the lone hill station in Assam, is reachable by all modes of transportation: air, rail, and road. The closest airport to Haflong is Guwahati Airport, which may be used to go to the town. Rail is yet another convenient method of getting to Haflong. The Haflong Railway Station is 3 kilometers away from the city center. It has good connections to some of the nation's largest cities. Road access is also available to Haflong. Buses operated by the government and the private sector run frequently between Haflong and adjacent cities and towns.

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