Guwahati is a city situated beside the Brahmaputra River in the northeast Indian state of Assam. It is the former capital city of this state, and now its largest commercial centre.


Guwahati is known for some holy sites and natural attractions; some of the places to see in Guwahati are:

  • Kaziranga National Park – One of the most popular national parks in India; houses many Rhinoceroses (a large portion of India’s Rhino population exists in Assam).
  • Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary – Also home to many Rhinoceroses and other wild animals.
  • Guwahati Planetarium – A planetarium and observatory.
  • Manas National Park – Another sanctuary; also, a UNESCO world heritage site.


If you are planning a trip to Guwahati, do not forget to pay a visit to these below listed places :

  • Kamakhya Temple – A popular and much-visited hilltop temple dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya (also known as goddess of desire, this goddess is said to go through an annual cycle of menstruation and the power of the 'menses' of Mother Earth said to become accessible to devotees during this time here) and having shrines of the Hindu deities Shiva and Vishnu as well
  • Umananda Temple
  • Basishta Ashram – A spiritual place which is belived to have been built and occupied by Sage Vasishta who had written the popular Indian epic of Ramayana, and had breathed his last here
  • Hajo – An ancient pilgrim centre, visited by Buddhists, Muslims as well as Hindus
  • ISKCON Temple Guwahati
  • Navagraha Temple


Some of the best museums to visit in the city are:

  • Assam State Museum – Showcases the history and heritage of Assam state.
  • Regional Science Centre.
  • Treasured Wheels – An automobile museum (especially for cars).


The major festivals celebrated in Guwahati include:

  • Ambubachi Mela – A carnival which is dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya who is believed to undergo her annual menstruation cycle during this time, which is supposed to be sacred as she radiates lot of power that blesses the devotees; this is held at the great Kamakhya Temple.
  • Bihu – This is an important harvest/folk festival celebrated all over Assam state; there are 3 forms of Bihu namely.
    • Bohag/Rongali Bihu (celebrated in April to mark the beginning of the Assamese new year and welcome spring season)
    • Kati/Kongali Bihu (celebrated in mid-October to mark the maturing of paddy crops).
    • Magh/Bhogali Bihu (celebrated to mark the successful harvesting of crops)
  • Rangoli Utsav – It is a fair held during the Bohag Bihu festival, which is celebrated to mark the Assamese new year.
  • Brahmaputra Beach Festival – An annual fair/festival that honours the Brahmaputra River during the spring season; and is held along its shores. It is a three-day event that includes various cultural events, dancing, display of crafts, and some water sports too!
  • Holi – Festival of colors, celebrated in March.
  • Durga Puja and Navratri – Celebrated in Honor of Goddess Durga killing the demon Mahishasur; celebrated in October.
  • Diwali – Festival of Lights; Celebrated in October-November; honoring Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth.


Guwahati’s markets offer various designer clothes, handloom products, accessories and fancy jewelry, and also handicrafts and artefacts made of bamboo and ivory. Some of the best shopping spots to check out in Guwahati are:

  • The Maati Centre
  • Pan Bazaar
  • Pragjyoti Assam Emporium
  • Silkalay
  • NEDFI Haat
  • Maligaon Market
  • Paltan Bazaar
  • Fancy Bazaar
  • GS Road


  • Dona Planet Multiplex Mall
  • Roodraksh/Rudraksha Mall
  • City Center
  • Anil Plaza
  • Matrix Mall
  • Sohum Emporia


The staple grain in Guwahati’s food is rice, and people here eat foods belonging to Assamese cuisine. Fish and meat are largely eaten along with rice and lot of vegetables and fruits.

Some of the dishes of Assamese cuisine include:

  • Khar – A dish that uses raw papaya, mustard leaves pulses and some vegetable or fish.
  • Masor Tonga – A sour fish curry.
  • Komolar Kheer – Orange kheer/orange-milk pudding.
  • Different kinds of Pithas – Deep fried sweet balls of flour and other ingredients.


Some of the best restaurants and eateries in Guwahati to dine at include the following:

  • Gam’s Delicacy
  • Hotel Sagar Restaurant
  • Cafe B-You
  • Paradise
  • Mising Kitchen
  • JB’s
  • Heritage Khorikaa
  • Gopal Maharaj
  • Chennai Kitchen
  • NestAsia
  • Naga Kitchen


Guwahati has many good hotels for people to have a comfortable stay, such as the following:

  • Novotel Guwahati GS Road
  • Cygnett Inn Repose
  • Vivanta Guwahati
  • Radisson Blu Guwahati
  • Hotel Daaysco
  • The Guwahati Address by Centre Point
  • Ginger Guwahati
  • Mayflower Hotel
  • Hotel Gateway Grandeur
  • Baruah Bhavan
  • Rains Inn
  • Brahmaputra Jungle Resort
  • Kiranshree Grand
  • Hotel Atithi
  • The Greenwood Resort


Guwahati also has some good pubs and bars that are open late hours in the evenings; serving finger foods, meals as well as non-alcoholic beverages along with alcoholic ones. Some such places are as follows:

  • Underdoggs Sports Bar & grill
  • Silver Streak
  • Reign – The Bar
  • Terra Maya
  • Brooklyn Blues
  • Illusion Bar
  • Kamikaze
  • Dunkin Oza
  • Enigma Blue Lounge
  • Topaz 2.0
  • Cafe Hendrix


Guwahati STD Code – 0361 (to be used before dialling numbers from a device that is not locally registered).

Common emergency numbers:

  • Police helpline – 100
  • Fire emergency – 101
  • Accident helpline (Government ambulance) – 102, 108
  • Women Helpline – 1091
  • Child Helpline – 1098


Assamese language is the official language of Guwahati.


  • how are you - Kya haal hai aa
  • what is your name - Tumhaara naam kya he
  • My name is - Mera naam hai
  • Good Morning - Shubh prabhaat
  • Good Evening - gud ivaning
  • I am fine - Mai theek

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