Hajipur, Bihar

Hajipur, Bihar Hajipur is the administrative seat and major city in the Vaishali district in the Indian state of Bihar. Hajipur is the 16th most populous city in Bihar and the second-fastest expanding city after Patna.

Places to visit

  • Ramchaura Mandir : KaunHaaraGhat is one of the most important ghats along the Ganga and Gangak rivers, where many Hindu rituals and cremation ceremonies have been performed for generations. The ghat's name can be attributed to an ancient mythology depicting a conflict between Gaja (an elephant) and Graah (a crocodile), in which Lord Vishnu had to intervene to save the life of Gajraj, his devotee.
  • Distance: Ramchaura Mandir is 2.6 kilometres away from Hajipur

  • KaunHaaraGhat : Shri PitambaraPeeth is a well-known Bagalamukhi Shakti Peetha located near Kuchaikote, 15 kilometers from Gopalganj. Bagalamukhi is one of Hinduism's eleven mahavidyas (great wisdoms). Bagalamukhi Devi smashes the devotee's prejudices and delusions with a bludgeon. The name literally means "crane-faced." The name "Bagla" derives from the Sanskrit root "ValgA." She has a golden complexion and dresses in yellow. She sits atop a golden throne in the middle of a nectar-filled sea swarming with yellow lotuses. Her hat has a crescent moon on it. Various scriptures refer to the goddess as the "Dwi-BhujA" (two-handed) and the "ChaturbhujA" (four-handed) (four-handed).The "Soumya," or milder variant, of the Dwi-BhujA depiction is the most well-known.She is shown holding a club in her right hand, which she uses to hit the demon while pulling out his tongue with her left. This artwork is sometimes depicted as an example of "Shambhala," the capacity to stun or paralyze an opponent in order to quiet them. Bagalamukhi is venerated by her devotees for one of her blessings.
  • Distance: KaunHaaraGhat is 2.0 kilometres away from Hajipur

  • Nepali Mandir : The Nepali Mandir is a Shaivite shrine found in the western part of Hajipur. Mathbar Singh Thapa, one of Nepal's medieval commanders, is credited with the construction of this magnificent shrine. The temple's architecture is notable because it demonstrates the distinctiveness of pagoda architecture. The beautiful wooden carving adds a new level to the temple's attractiveness. The touch of Himalayan architecture with such an outstanding finish elicits appreciation from all who visit, and the temple is unquestionably unique.
  • Distance: Nepali Mandir is 2 kilometres away from Hajipur

How to Reach

  • Hajipur is not well connected by regular flights to the rest of the country's major cities. The nearest airport is 16 kilometers away, in Patna. There are no frequent trains from other major cities in the country to Hajipur. Patna, which is 12 kilometers away, has the nearest railway station.

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