One of India's cities that is developing the quickest is Patna, the capital of Bihar. The capital city has a lengthy cultural and historical history that dates back to 600 B.C. Patna is located on the southern banks of the Ganga River and approximately 53 metres above sea level. It was a renowned educational hub once known as Pataliputra or Patalipattan. As of right now, it serves as Bihar's main administrative, industrial, and educational hub. In Eastern India, it has the second-highest population. There are significant Buddhist and Sikh communities in this city. For Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, and Muslims alike, Patna is a sacred city. Thousands of Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu pilgrims visit Patna every year for religious purposes. The final Sikh guru, Guru Gobind Singh, was born there. One of the most significant Takts in Sikhism is the Gurudwara Har Mandir Sahib. Pathar ki Mosque, the largest mosque in Bihar, is located in Patna. There is also a Sher Shah Suri Mosque in Patna. For a view of British architecture, one may go to Padri Ki Haveli, the High Court, Golghar, and the Secretariat Complex. Patna offers something for everyone with its combination of ancient and contemporary locations.

Places To Visit In Patna

  • Patna Museum : Patna Museum is a highly prominent museum in the city of Patna, keeping more than 50,000 unique art pieces, including Indian antiques from the ancient, mediaeval ages and the British colonial era. The Holy Relic Casket, which houses the cherished ashes of Lord Buddha, and the gorgeous statue Yakshani are the two most well-known landmarks in the neighbourhood.. The historical culture can only be experienced by visiting this location.
  • Takhat Sri Harimandir Ji Patna Sahib : Maharaja Ranjit Singh erected this Gurudwara in honour of Guru Gobind Singh Ji because Patna is the city where he was born. The tenth and last Guru of the Sikhs, he was.
  • Mahatma Gandhi Setu : The Mahatma Gandhi Setu spans the Ganges and links the Bihar cities of Patna in the south with Hajipur in the north. One of India's longest river bridges, measuring 5,575 metres in length, was opened in May 1982.During the time, Mrs. Indira Gandhi served as the nation's first lady.
  • Funtasia Water Park : Funtasia Water Park is regarded as Patna's first water park and was built by Takshila Seas & Resorts Pvt. Ltd. The park, which is 5 acres in size and features a variety of slides and water attractions, is well-liked by both children and adults.
  • Agam Kuan : An archaeological site called Agam Kuan has long been associated with many tales and stories. The Mauryan ruler Ashoka is the figure most frequently associated with. Many tales refer to the well as "hell on earth," and it was likely formerly a component of Ashoka's famed Hell cells, which were intended to torture people until they converted to Buddhism. In order to have their prayers and desires granted, people now revere the well and deposit flowers and cash into it.
  • Gandhi Ghat : On the banks of the Ganges River in the Bihar city of Patna, Gandhi Ghat is one of the most well-known ghats. It is well-known since Mahatma Gandhi's ashes were buried there. The magnificent Ganga Aarti, which is visited by tens of thousands of pilgrims as well as visitors, is the location's main attraction. A group of priests wearing saffron robes perform the aarti at dusk using 51 lights. The ones that are conducted in Varanasi and Haridwar served as inspiration for this activity, which was launched in 2011.
  • Golghar : Golghar, a beehive-shaped building, used as a storage at first.. It was constructed in 1786 by Captain John Garstin and offers a sweeping vista of the entire city as well as the Ganga River.
  • Hungama World : Hungama World is a water theme park in Patna that was built and opened in 2014. The park contains four swimming pools in addition to several water and standard rides, a children's play area, and an amusement park on the property.

Must Taste Food In Patna

  • Litti Chokha : The unassuming combination meal litti chokha has become known as the soul cuisine of the Bihari people. To depart Patna without trying the litti chokha, the city's specialty, is practically viewed as sinful. Your taste buds will be tickled by litti, a baked wheat pastry filled with stuffing and served with chokha, a dish prepared with smoked brinjals, tomatoes, potatoes, and a lot of chilies. The litti chokha, a dish regarded as a poor man's cuisine, is the best and is very popular among both the wealthy and the less fortunate.
  • Paneer Samosa & Kachori : Almost all of the roadside food booths in Patna sell paneer samosas, kachori, kebabs, and cutlets, thus visiting the city would be incomplete without trying these. You require the heat of the paneer samosas and the spice of the kachoris to cheer yourself up. You may whoop with excitement at their distinct flavours. On a taxing or dull wet day, there's nothing better than a dish of steaming samosas and kachori. Visit the Lucknow Sweet House at the Boring House or the Maurya Lok if you want to sample the best types of samosas and cutlets.
  • Luscious Khaja : A specialty of Bihar is the delicious pastry with many layers. This fluffy, juicy treat, which is formed of mava, flour, and wheat and is covered in sugar syrup, melts in the tongue and has a beautiful flavour. People throughout the world are enormous fans of khaja because it has delighted their palates ever since the dawn of mankind. Gandhi topa-shaped Patna ke khajas may be found all across the state of Bihar in various forms. They have an undeniable appeal that leaves the public wanting more. The stores beside the Patna Museum are where you can find some of the greatest and tastiest khaja variations in Patna.
  • Chatpatta Patna Chat : Although chaat is a common food that can be found all across the nation, the "Patna Chaat" is renowned for its distinctive flavour and essence. Contrary to the sweet and salty varieties seen in other places, it is recognised for its mouthwatering tamarind flavour. The crunchiest versions of Tikki Chaat, Samosa Chaat, and Papri Chaat can be found in practically all restaurants, college canteens, and roadside shops. Try the papri chaat from Ashok Rajpath, Bangali dada, and the tikki chaat from Exhibition Road, both of which are must-try foods in Patna.


  • Lemon Tree Premier Patna : This facility brings you close to sights and excellent eating alternatives because of its convenient location in Patna's Indira Nagar neighbourhood. Don't leave without stopping by the renowned Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport. This top-notch hotel, which has a 5-star rating, offers access to its on-site restaurant, fitness facility, and spa for its visitors.
  • Hotel Maurya : Unquestionably, one of Bihar's most well-known sights is the Hotel Maurya Patna. It has been a legendary hospitality location ever since it initially opened its doors in 1978 to welcome locals and visitors from around the world to Patna. The Maurya is the first five-star hotel in Bihar.The building enjoys a great position and provides easy access to the major transit hubs of the city. Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport is a well-liked transit location from the hotel (3.1 kms).
  • Hotel Patliputra Continental : The Hotel Patliputra Continental is the most well-known of all the five-star hotels in Patna among travellers. This facility has high levels of client satisfaction because to its easy check-in/check-out procedures, flexible policies, and welcoming management team. 12:00 PM and 11:00 AM, respectively, are the hotel's standard check-in and check-out times.
  • Takshila : A excellent dining establishment inside the Hotel Chanakya is called Takshila. This is the place to go if you want some of the greatest North Indian cuisine. This is a terrific option for a supper and has a really relaxing atmosphere. The rooms look fantastic when classical furniture is combined with exposed brick walls. The majority of their specialties are exquisite Mughlai, Tandoori, and Afghan cuisine.
  • Crown Castle : Due to the lack of a street sign identifying the restaurant's existence, this location may not be the most upscale or well-publicized on the list, but the food it serves is a pleasant surprise. You can locate this restaurant, which serves delicious Indian, Chinese, and Thai cuisine, as you make your way up the winding staircase. For individuals who enjoy spice, take note that their dish is slightly hotter than usual.
  • Kapildev’s Elevens : About 10 years ago, KapilDev's Elevens has been a part of Patna's culinary landscape. It has grown to presently include a hotel and a bar. The restaurant is modernly decorated and darkly illuminated. Chinese, Thai, and Indian cuisine were the restaurant's specialties. Here, you can also enjoy fantastic mocktails and drinks.
  • 17 Degrees : This restaurant is situated on the P&M Shopping Center's top level. It is renowned for its open patio and elegant decor. You may even enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from inside. The cuisine includes of Chinese and Indian and great to taste.
  • Pind Balluchi : Pind Balluchi is a common dining establishment in many major towns, particularly in North India. The Pind Balluchi in Patna is particularly distinct. One of the city's highest structures, the Biscomaun Tower, houses the restaurant on the eighth story. The restaurant gives a wonderful view of the city. The rotating restaurant provides a complete 360-degree panoramic perspective of Patna's most well-liked spots.
  • Mainland China : The majority of restaurants in India's cities provide Chinese food because it is so widely consumed there. You can eat real Chinese food here because the restaurant's chefs are from China. Several of the seafood dishes are based on Cantonese cuisine.
  • Bell Pepper Restaurant : The greatest Mughlai cuisine can be found here, which is a terrific location. They are well known for their mouthwatering meals like Biryani and Murg Tikka Lababdar. They provide Hyderabadi-style biryani as their main dish.
  • Patna Market : Without going to the well-known Patna market, a visit to Patna is not complete. One of Patna's oldest shopping areas is this one. Tourists continue to frequent there since there are many affordable gifts alternatives available. You may purchase some locally made crafts and trinkets to bring back home as a memento of your trip to Patna, a bustling yet stunning city. Due to the abundance of cosmetics and women's clothing stores there, this location is particularly well-liked by women.
  • Hathwa Market : One of Patna's oldest and most well-known shopping destinations is the renowned Hathua Market. You can go to the market to buy classic and stylish items. The majority of the shops around here sell clothing and footwear. Popular stores in this region include Fashion Linker, Duke Showroom, Ratnalaya Jwellers, and Tan Dhan Deo.
  • Maurya Lok : On the Dak Bungalow road, it is a somewhat significant retail district located in the city's centre. All shopaholics must go there because there are so many different items for sale there. Here, you may get anything from branded clothing to cosmetics, footwear, and electronics, among other things. In Patna, the mall is a well-liked location for freebies. Here, there are several inexpensive cuisine alternatives to choose from.
  • Khaitan Market : This store offers full sale items and is close to Gandhi Maidan. This shopping area contains more than 500 stores and is well known for allowing customers to purchase things in large quantities at discounted costs. designer dress fabrics, wedding suits, bridal saris, accessories, jewellery, etc. may all be purchased at this location. Here you may find stores like Akash Textile, Anupam Synthetics, Devi Dutt Sita Ram, Golden Furnishing, Home Furniture, Karishma, Kumar Garments, Megha Synthetics, Mungipa Textile, Naina, Panna Lal Om Prakash, Reebok Store, Resham Kala, Ritu Textile, Trade Centre, Uss Pest Control Service, and Zeental Mahal.
  • P & M : One of the greatest malls in Patna is P & M Mall, which has six air-conditioned floors and a sizable total built-up area of 2.25 lakh square feet. It serves as the focal point for a variety of events, such as fashion exhibitions and beauty pageants. These events happen here more than 300 times a year! The first cinema in the city, Cinepolis, is located in Patna's P & M Mall, which is a must-see on every tourist's itinerary.
  • Patna Central : India's Central Mall is a well-known network of retail stores. Like every other Central Mall, Patna Central is opulent, crowded, exciting, and known for its fantastic deals on name-brand apparel, accessories, and footwear. It has wheelchair accessibility and is 1,70,000 square feet in size. Also, there is a department store, an entertainment area, conference rooms, a hypermarket, a gym, and a food court with a variety of food and drink options within the mall!
  • Patna One Mall : Max, Planet Fashion, Woodlands, Lee, Levis, Red Tape, Imara, Jack and Jones, and more popular brands are shown in Patna's Patna One Mall, a modest shopping centre. Barbeque Nation, Forest Paradise, Dominos Pizza, Baskin-Robbins, Kathi Junction, and more restaurants are among its food establishments. This mall in Patna is situated beside a bustling chowk, making it a popular hangout spot for city dwellers. This mall also serves as home to other businesses like SBI, etc.
  • Vasundhara Metro Mall : Vasundhara Homes constructed the unique Vasundhara Mall in Patna. It was Patna's first mall to have escalators for the benefit of its patrons. It is situated in the middle of the city's busiest business streets. The inhabitants of Patna as well as those from the nearby villages frequent this mall, which is a major international shopping destination. It features a sizable food court on a terrace that looks out over the city and carries all the top brands. For its patrons, Vasundhara Metro Mall offers plenty of parking space.
  • Gravity Mall : Around 0.83 acres are covered by Patna's Gravity Mall. Gravity Mall in Patna offers a kids area and a gaming area in addition to hosting all the major brands. This mall also has a theatre and a hypermarket. A spa and gym are also available at Gravity Mall. Soon, PVR Cinemas will also be a part of this mall. Why wouldn't anyone go to this mall if there were all these amenities under one roof?
  • JD Mall : A popular and essential destination in Patna is JD Mall. It has eight stories and an area of 8000 square feet. In addition to a variety of brands, this mall features a clubhouse, a play area for children, and an entertainment area. JD Mall is one of Patna's busiest malls and is steadily gaining prominence.
  • UFO Mall : The UFO Mall is a brand-new mall in Patna that is surrounded by hotels and inns, making it a popular destination for travellers. The most well-known party venue in Patna is located in UFO Mall. The majority of Patna residents reserve this hall for a variety of celebratory occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, farewells, etc. The UFO Mall in Patna is conveniently located and frequented by locals as well as those in the nearby villages.
NightLife In Patna
  • Handout Cafe Patna : The Hangout Café's main draws are its groovy music, vivacious audience, and hip atmosphere. It is the ideal hangout spot for the city's young demographic, staying true to its moniker. In keeping with the atmosphere, the café serves tantalising foods and snacks that include Chinese and Indian specialties. This is one of the greatest spots to unwind in Patna's nightlife, whether you're out with your family or a group of friends.
  • LBW Lounge Before Wicket : For all the appropriate factors, LBW - Lounge Before Wicket is deserving of taking first place among Patna's nightlife establishments. This location is renowned for its alluring atmosphere and alluring design. A wide range of Continental, Chinese, and North Indian delicacies are offered on the broad menu. You may unwind either in the roomy interior setting or the outdoor seating area that views out over the Urja Stadium. Try their Non-Vegetarian Platter, LBW Pizza, and Lippu Chicken, some of their hallmark dishes.
  • Indian Summer Café : Come hungry, depart happy is this café's motto, and it perfectly captures the atmosphere of the establishment. The roomy, luxurious café is decorated cheerfully and has a joyful atmosphere. About the cuisine, you can anticipate fresh, delectable dishes presented in a striking way. After a long day of touring Patna's main tourist attractions, it is the perfect spot to unwind.
  • Cafe Hideout Patna : This cafe-cum-lounge, which is a well-known name on the list of venues to enjoy Patna nightlife, invites you to a world of ethnic design enhanced by a rustic appeal. The comfortable inside and outdoor seating is well complemented by the artistic lighting, which also creates a warm atmosphere for spending time with friends and family. The calming music performed in the café will undoubtedly enhance your night out. You may choose from a variety of delicacies on the culinary front, including cold drinks, hot coffee, pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, and more.
  • Hotbox Cafe &Dine In : Hotbox Cafe & Dine-In mixes a dynamic nightclub atmosphere with a cosy coffee shop atmosphere. The café attracts customers with an intriguing selection of music, cuisine, and big-screen experiences while decked out in mood lighting. The restaurant's signature items are its selfie shakes and coffees, which are both a visual and gustatory delight. No surprise Patna's dusk crowd gives the location a hearty thumbs up.
  • S Cafe &Grill : The S Café & Grill should be on your list of must-see nightlife destinations in Patna if you enjoy sports. This unique sports-themed café is a terrific location to hang out with your friends and has a pleasant atmosphere. It's a fantastic place for football fans to watch live games while indulging in a variety of specialties with friends and other sports fans.
  • Mogambo's Patna : Mogambo's is a little café with eccentric decor that's a terrific place to take in Patna's nightlife. The cuisine provided here is a testament to mind-blowing tastes, much as the café's name is an homage to the famous character from the Bollywood masala film, Mr. India. Despite not being very large or opulently furnished, this café is a fantastic place to hang out with friends. Don't forget to take a photo in front of the café's Mogambo Khush Hua-themed poster!
  • Vaishali Café : What about enjoying some fantastic comfort food from various cuisines in a luxurious setting? Visit Vaishali Café right away. An all-day, multi-cuisine coffee shop, which is a part of Hotel Maurya, has a chic atmosphere. While the incredible quality of the cuisine and the speedy service make your nights unforgettable, the live music acts hosted here enhance the whole experience. Try their baked Alaska and kebabs, which are truly mouthwatering.
  • The Brew Castle, Patna : The Brew Castle checks all the requirements for unique design, delicious food, and efficient service. Its peaceful atmosphere distinguishes it from the other cafes in the area and makes it a fantastic place to spend some time reading a book at night. , and the whole, and for. There are standard café fare options on the menu, including spaghetti. This, however, is by no means an exhaustive list of the cafés and lounges located across the city. Yet, it is a wonderful place to start for people who wish to explore and take advantage of Patna's nightlife.
Best Time To Visit

The winter time is the ideal time to visit Patna. The weather is still pleasant and suitable for touring Patna's monuments and other points of interest. It is preferable to travel throughout the months of October, November, December, January, February, and March.

How To Reach
  • By Road : The Patna district is well connected by a good network of roadways. Danapur, Patna, and Patna City are all located along National Highway No. 31. One branch travels via Barh to Barauni, while the other travels via Bihar to Nawada. Except for the recently constructed subdivision of Masaurhi, all of the district's subdistrict headquarters are located along this National Highway, which connects North and South Bihar via road. The locations of Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Ranchi, and Siliguri in relation to Patna are advantageous. In Patna, there are excellent road transit options.
  • By Railway : The East Central Railway's main line runs parallel to the Ganga along the district's whole length. The Patna Gaya Branch line, the Fatwah-Islampur Light Railway, and the Bakhtiarpur-Rajgir Branch line are the three railway lines that pass the district from north to south. The main train station in the city, Patna Junction, connects to all the major Indian cities with a network of express and extremely fast trains. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Guwahati, Varanasi, Amritsar, Bangalore, Lucknow, and Chennai are among of the cities that are linked to Patna.
  • By Air : Patna has a first-rate air link to several significant Indian cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. This airport receives regular flights from a number of airlines. Jaiprakash Narayan International Airport is the name of Patna Airport. It bears the name "Lok Nayak" Jayaprakash Narayan, a political figure and supporter for Indian independence who lived from 1902 to 1979.
  • By River : The Ganges may be navigated all year long, and there is a sizable amount of boat activity for the transportation of merchandise. The smaller rivers like Punpun and Dardha, which are utilised to convey agricultural products to the grain market at Fatwah, only become passable during the rainy season.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are the famous destination to visit in Patna?

Gandhi Ghat, Golghar, Patna museum and lot more. Patna is a beautiful yet an interesting place to visit.

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