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Haryana’s culture mostly is based on its folklore. Many people own cattle in the state – in fact, at times the economical status of an individual is determined by the number of cattle they own!

Baisakhi is a harvest festival that’s largely and pompously celebrated in Haryana. Other festivals celebrated here include – Teej, Guga Navmi, Sohna Car rally (a unique festival of old cars!).

Apart from these, the state has various fairs or Melas throughout the year – where people gather to shop, play, eat and have fun. Some popular fairs include: Surajkund International fair, Baisakhi Mela, Mango Mela

Haryana is known to be one of the wealthiest states in India. The state’s female sex ratio is the smallest in the country, though it is improving.


Haryanvi is the official language of Haryana – also known as “Bangru”, it is an Indo-Aryan language that has been the official medium of communication in the state for years. Haryanvi is also spoken in some areas of Delhi and neighbouring states.

Apart from Haryanvi, Hindi and Punjabi are also spoken in many places within the state of Haryana.

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