Hodal, Haryana

In the Indian state of Haryana, the village of Hodal is located in the Palwal district.Tourists from different cities and villages travel to Hodal because of its fame for its temples and bird watching in order to photograph the natural beauty.

Places to visit

  • Dwarikadheesh Temple : Seth Gokuldas Parikh built this shrine in 1814, and it is situated in Mathura, 55 kilometers from Hodal, on the banks of the Yamuna River. This temple is a must-see in Mathura because of its famed design, artwork, and idols of Lord Krishna, Balaram, and Radha.
  • Distance: Dwarikadheesh Temple is 55 kilometers away from Hodal

  • VidhramGhat : This well-known ghat in Mathura, on the Yamuna River's banks, is 60 kilometers from Hodal, and it is thought that Lord Krishna rested here after beating King Kans. Several shrines surround VidhramGhat.
  • Distance: VidhramGhat is 57kilometers away from Hodal

  • Anjanikund : Legend has it that the gopis of Braj gathered here during the MahaRaas to look for Krishna after he vanished.The well-known BrajChaurasi Kos Yatra, which stays in this woodland, includes this van as a crucial component.Local legend claims that mother Yashoda once traveled to this forest with her servants in order to find her son Krishna, who was conducting raas with gopis. His mother was worried because he hadn't arrived home in time. Krishna leapt into the nearby kund and transformed into Hanuman out of fear of her wrath. The mother was delighted to see Hanuman. She returned after prostrating to him. Since that time, the kund has been referred to as AnjaniKund, another moniker for Hanuman.
  • Distance: AnjaniKundis 5kilometers away from Hodal

How to Reach

  • By Air-Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, which is 95 km from Hodal village, is the closest airport to Hodal. One of India's busiest airports, it offers connections to numerous places both domestically and abroad. To get to Hodal, travelers can take a cab from the airport.
  • By Train-Hodal is serviced by the Hodal Railway Station, which is 3.5 kilometers from the town's center. This railway route is one of the main ones that link too many Indian cities.

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