Jambusar, Gujarat

Jambusar is a town in the district of Bharuch in the Indian state of Gujarat. At that location, the Jambusar a Brahmanas tribe lived. The name Jambusar is derived from their names: JAMBU (Yama/Shiva), where Bu signifies water (ancient Tibetan language) + "SAR" (which means lake in Sanskrit] and lion).

Places to visit

  • Golden Bridge : The stunning golden bridge resembles a magnificent maze and is built on top of the Narmada River, It's also known as the Narmada Bridge, and it was built primarily to increase access for traders and government officials. Despite being built during the reign of the British, the bridge has been well-kept. The bridge is a beautiful sight and a blessing to those who use it.
  • Distance: Golden Bridge is 56 kilometers away from Jambusar

  • Nilkantheshwar Temple : This humble-looking temple, painted entirely in red, is located on the banks of the holy river Narmada and gives some of the most panoramic and beautiful views of the river beyond. This holy, serene spot is devoted to Lord Shiva, who held the poison in his neck throughout the Samudra Manthan, turning the lord's throat blue, hence the names Nila ("blue") and Kantha ("blue") ("throated"). The temple is surrounded by a pond and should surely be visited with your family and loved ones if calm and spirituality are what you want.
  • Distance: Nilkantheshwar Temple is 55 kilometers away from Jambusar

  • Guman Dev Mandir Temple : This is one of the most important temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman, dating back to ancient times. The amenities ensure that you enjoy a wonderful stay. The temple has a long history, and when paired with the serene atmosphere, it is the finest spot to experience spirituality and tranquillity. The location exudes tremendous positive energy, and the idol here is thought to be a Swayambhu, which indicates that the idol manifested itself more than 500 years ago. It is a wonderful spot to spend time with your family as well as to practice meditation in a peaceful setting.
  • Distance: Guman Dev Mandir Temple is 63 kilometers away from Jambusar

How to Reach

  • By Air- Airports in the vicinity of Jambusar Airport of Vadodara 66 kilometers away.
  • By Train- There are no direct flights from Mumbai to Jambusar. You can, however, take the train to Borivali, then to Surat, then to Bharuch Junction, and finally to Jambusar.

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