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In the south of India's Andhra Pradesh state is the city of Kadapa. It serves as the district office for the YSR Kadapa district and is situated in the Rayalaseema area. The city's population increased by 2.42% from the 2021 Census of India to 466,000 as of 2022. It is situated eight kilometers from the Penna River.

Places to visit

  • Ameen Peer Dargah : Ameen Peer Dargah is unquestionably the most popular attraction in Kadapa. As followers of all faiths swarm to this centuries-old shrine in search of the saints' blessings, this 300-year-old dargah is the best illustration of a community living in harmony. Here, the saints Peerullah Hussain and Arifullah Hussain II are interred. Any desire made here will undoubtedly come true, according to the adherents. The Dargah has an innate sense of calm and serenity despite being completely occupied by both pilgrims and guests, and it must be felt to be believed.
  • Distance: Ameen Peer Dargah is 2.5 kilometres away from Kadapa

  • Devuni Kadapa Lakshmi Venkateswara Temple : This revered temple of Lord Venkateshwara, also known as DevuniGadapam, is thought to be the entrance to Tirumala. Every devotee who traveled to Tirumala in the past was thought to have to stop at this temple first to receive the Lord's blessings before continuing. The temple is also a perfect example of brilliant architecture. Everyone is in awe of the sculptures and carvings that are influenced by Vijayanagara. Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman are represented as idols in the temple, which Sage Kripacharya is credited with building.
  • Distance: Devuni Kadapa Lakshmi Venkateswara Temple is 3.5 kilometres away from Kadapa

  • Palkonda Waterfalls: These regions, also known as Seshachala Hills, are a component of the nation's natural heritage. Amazing waterfalls cut through these stunning hills, which are covered with lush vegetation and breathtaking beauty. These waterfalls create little springs and ponds, and the area is known as Palkonda because the purported purity of the water gives it its name. From a height of more than 100 feet, the water pours down the slopes.
  • Distance: Palkonda Waterfalls is 7.9 kilometres away from kadapa

  • Gundala Kona: Gundala Kona, which is located in a forest known as Sri VenkateswaraAbhyaranya, is well-known for its stunning, clear waterfall that drops from a height of 50 feet and forms a wonderful pool below. Additionally, there is a Shiva temple nearby that receives a lot of pilgrims each year. The hill through which the rivers fall is known as Velikonda, and the lord in this location is known as Karkateswara. To gain a sense of the entire hill range, everyone looking for tranquility must come here.
  • Distance: Gundala Kona is 65 kilometres away from kadapa

  • Sowmyanatha Temple of Nandaluru: In the eleventh century, the Matli kings constructed the unique temple known as Sowmyanatha Temple in the Chola style. Sri Soumyanantha Swamy and Sri Maha Lakshmi Ammavaru are shown in the temple as exquisitely sculpted idols. The historical and archaeological significance of this exceptionally old temple is considerable. When the Lord celebrates his Kalyanotsavam, the state's governing authority sends pearls. The main idol is towards east and there are four gopurams facing the four directions. Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy has also been given a shrine that is located directly at the entrance.
  • Distance: Sowmyanatha Temple of Nandaluru is 45 kilometres away from Kadapa

How to Reach

  • Kadapa Airport (CDP) is the closest airport to Kadapa, located around 11 km away. On a rail. From other country's major cities, Kadapa is served by frequent trains. By Road. Regular buses provide good transportation from Kadapa to other significant cities throughout the nation.

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