Kaithal, Haryana

The northern Indian state of Haryana includes Kaithal district among its divisions.

Places to visit

  • Ancient Baoli : A well named Boali has been constructed in a unique way, with brick steps going down to the well. Locally, this water reservoir is more well-known as "Bhai kiBaoli." The three-story structure resembles a stepwell with walls on either side. Arches and doorways are used to decorate the stair sides. The Bhai kings of the Kaithal kingdom gave the go-ahead to build this baoli.
  • Distance: Ancient Baoli is 28 kilometres away from kaithal

  • Kalayat Temple : The word "Kapilayatana," which signifies the residence of Kapila the Sage, is the source of the name "Kalayat." The teacher Kapila, one of the most well-known philosophers in India, is said to have resided here at one time. Only two of the area's original five temples—which belong to the eighth century AD—remain today. The temples are excellent examples of early Hindu construction and were built by carving bricks and mortar. The local authorities keep the carved bricks because they are genuinely unique. These sanctuaries hold a special place in history because they may be the last remaining Hindu artifacts from the time before the Mughals.
  • Distance: LoKalayat Temple is 30kilometres away from kaithal

  • Thehpolar : According to legend, an ancient village that was destroyed during the Mahabharata conflict once stood on the Thehpolar mound. The location, which is about 10 kilometers from Kaithal, has produced a large number of relics during excavation, including coins, clay seals, pots, and other items. The coins have a significant historical importance and are also from the Indo-Greek era. This stunning ancient village is truly breathtaking, and the journey there is well worth it!
  • Distance: Thehpolaris 16kilometres away from kaithal

How to Reach

  • By Air-Regular flights are not a good way to get from Kaithal to other significant towns in the nation. The closest airport is located 104 kilometers away in Chandigarh.
  • By Train-Regular trains from other significant towns in the nation don't run to Kaithal. Kurukshetra, which is 48 kilometers away, has the closest railway stop.

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