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Situated on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, Kakinadais the sixth largest city of Andhra Pradesh and the district headquarter of Kakinada District. The first Polytechnic College of Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Polytechnic was founded in Kakinada in 1946. One of the fastest-growing cities of Andhra Pradesh, Kakinada is famous for its sweet called Kaja, which gradually become a popular dessert in South India as Kakinada Kaja. Subbayya Gari Hotel, from Kakinada, is also very popular around the country due to its certain vegetarian meals. Apart from the food, the city is also one of the most incrediblyflourishing planned towns in the whole country. The City is well protected by the strong storm surges from the Bay of Bengal, because of Hope Island, situated near the coast of Kakinada. Kakinada used to have more than 15 cinema theatres along with a roadnamed after that Cinema Road and was called as the second Madras because Madras, present-day Chennai also had cinema theatres accompanied by a road.


Kakinada, earlier named Kaki Nandiwada was a Dutch territory. The Dutches this place to store and export Saree (known as Koka or Coca in Telugu) products and thus named Coca-nada. During the time when the British East India Company established the first Canadian Baptist Mission, they used to call it Cocanada. After Independence, it got the name Kakinada. There are theories that stateKakasuralost his eye from Lord Rama’s arrow, and gave him the name Kakinada or that Kaki Nandivadaborrowed from (Kaka, an Ikshvaku king) who built the town.

Places to visit

  • Kakinada Beach : Unlike the other crowded and polluted beaches, Kakinada beach is the less crowded beach and is not as commercialized as the other popular beaches near the Bay of Bengal. A beach where you can relax your mind and spend quality time with your family and friend, Kakinada beach is a must-visit place in Kakinada.
  • Uppada Beach : Situated in Kakinada town, Uppada Beach is one of the most secure and captivating beaches on the eastern coast of India. The relaxing shoreline and the beautiful golden sunkissed sand look magnificent during the daytime. Local fishermen here are very friendly and you can even get a deep fishing experience with them.
  • Hope Island : Hope Island, a comparatively young Island formed in the 18th Century is a tadpole-shaped Island. If you are an adventurous person and want to explore nature, Hope Island is the best place to visit. Formed with the waste outflow transported by the waters of the Koringa River, a distributary of the Godavari. The area between Hope Island and the Kakinada coast is named Kakinada Bay. The strong storm surges from the Bay of Bengal were protected by Hope Island.
How to Reach
  • By Air – The nearest Airport from Kakinada is MadhurapudiAirport at a distance of 62.4 km
  • By Train - The nearest Kakinada Railway Station is at a distance of 3 Km from Kakinada.
  • By Road - The Nearest Bus Stand is located at a distance of 1.6 km from Kakinada.

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