Keshod, Gujarat

Keshod is a town and taluka in the Junagadh district of Gujarat. Keshod is well-known for the manufacture of Chhakado rickshaws.

Places to visit

  • Girnar Hill : Girnar Hill is a spectacular sacred mountain with roots dating back to the Vedas. It was considered a holy location even before the Mohan-jo-Daro period. This Hindu and Jain pilgrimage site is also a nature lover's dream, nestled in the Gir Forest. Girnar has numerous excellent walking trails, religious sites, prehistoric sites, and mountains for visitors to enjoy.
  • Distance: Girnar Hill is 70 kilometers away from Keshod

  • Upperkot ford : Upperkot is Junagadh's upper citadel, located to the east. About 2300 years old, with walls up to 20m high in some areas, there used to be a 300 ft. deep moat inside the walls that was supposedly inhabited by crocodiles for the safety of the fort. The two main tourist attractions of the fort are Neelam and Manek, which were forged in Cairo and transported by the Turks. See the fort complex's step-wells and caves as well.
  • Distance: Upperkot is 39 kilometers away from Keshod

  • Sakkarbaug Zoological Gardens : Sakkarbaug Zoological Gardens, also known as Junagadh Zoo or Sakkarbaug Zoo, is a vast zoological park in Junagadh famed for its purebred Asiatic lions. It is located on the Junagadh-Rajkot Highway. Aside from a variety of birds and animals, such as wild boar, blue bull, and antelope, the park also features a natural history museum and a veterinary facility.
  • Distance: Sakkarbaug Zoological Gardens is 41 kilometers away from Keshod

  • Dataar Hills : Dataar Hills is a sacred location in Junagadh, Gujarat, known for hosting Jamiyal Shah Datar's shrine at the crest of the mountain. Hindus and Muslims both pray at the site. The temple also provides a stunning panoramic view of the town below and is a popular tourist destination. The Urs festival is celebrated with considerable fanfare and spectacle.
  • Distance: Dataar Hills is 44 kilometers away from Keshod

  • Willingdon Dam : The Wellington Dam, located at the foothills of Mountain Girnar near Junagadh, is a magnificent tourist destination. Wellington Dam water is used for commercial and domestic uses in Junagadh and surrounding villages. The dam is best visited during the monsoon season when the rains raise the water level and allows you to see the beautiful cascades.
  • Distance: Willingdon Dam is 39 kilometers away from Keshod

How to Reach

  • By Air- The nearest airport to Keshod is in Rajkot, 140 kilometers away. A lot of aircraft arrive and depart from here, linking the city to other parts of Gujarat as well as the rest of the country.
  • By Train- Junagadh is located on the Indian Railways' Western Railway network. A variety of trains connect the city to the rest of the country. There are numerous express and local trains that run on a regular basis and are ideal for traveling from Rajkot to Keshod.

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