Khedbrahma, Gujarat

Khedbrahma is a town and the taluka headquarters in Sabarkantha district, Gujarat, India. It is located on the Harnav River's banks. The village has a legendary background and has been a pilgrimage destination for generations.

Places to visit

  • Taranga Hill : There are nine more temples on Taranga Hill. A kilometer from the Ajit Nath temple, on the same hill, lays the Kotishila temple, a modest edifice built by Digambar Jains in the style of a Muslim mausoleum. It houses a marble statue of Mallinathji, the 19th Jain tirthankar. It has been the place of penance, meditation, and, ultimately, the liberation of many great saints and sages over the centuries.
  • Distance: Taranga Hill is 48 kilometres away from Khedbrahma

  • Taranga Jain Temple: Taranga is a Jain pilgrimage site in Gujarat's Mehsana district. It is one of the few tirthas frequented by both the Shvetambaras and the Digambaras. The first temple was built in 1121 by Solanki king Kumarpal with the help of his tutor Acharya Hemachandra. The primary idol is a 2.75 m marble figure of Rishabha. The Shvetambara complex is made up of 14 temples in all. Taranga also has five Digambara-affiliated temples. Digambaras originally settled on this lonely mountaintop with three granite summits. Taranaga is regarded a siddha kshetra in Jainism. It is reported that 35,000,000 monastics obtained moksa here, including the Ganadharas Vardutta and Sagardutta. The Tirthankaras Neminath and Mallinath of Vikram 1292 have idols on the two hillocks named Kotishila and Siddhashila. There are 14 Digambara temples in the foothills, as well as a Digambara dharamshala. A "Tonk," a modest shrine built by Digambaras, is on the highest summit of the three-peaked hill; it houses a marble figure of the nineteenth Tirthankara, Mallinath.
  • Distance: Taranga Jain Temple is 49 kilometres away from Khedbrahma

  • Chamunda Mata Temple: Chamunda Mata Temple is situated on the shores of a large lake near Vartol. Bhimnath Mahadev Temple, with its massive Shivlinga, was built within the vast temple complex of Chamunda Ma Mandir. Because the temple is located near a lake and has a natural setting with a spiritual aura, many devotees and tourists visit here, and it is also popular as a one-day picnic place. Aside from that, spiritual and social functions are planned throughout the year. It is also believed that Goddess Chamunda grants the wishes of devotees wanting children; hence many people from all across Gujarat come here after their requests are granted.
  • Distance: Chamunda Mata Temple is 7.0 kilometres away from Khedbrahma

How to Reach

  • By Air - The nearest airport is Dabok Airport which is 114 kilometres away from Khedbrahma.
  • By Train - The nearest railway station to Khed Brahma is Himmatnagar Railway Station, which is approximately 42 km away.

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