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Kerala is also known as “God’s Own Country’’ and is gifted with several geographical exemplary and valuable destinations amongst mother nature. One such precious natural gift is its beaches and Cherai Beach is one of the most admired and visited beaches in Kerala stretching for over 10km. Located in the outskirts of Kochi, Cherai Beach has a magnificent landscape with contrasting natural hues. The beach attracts a plethora of local and foreign tourists throughout the year for its peaceful ambiance and is enveloped with bays, backwaters, coconut grooves, and some beautiful luxury resorts.

The tides on this beach are comparably low which makes it a safe beach for even kids to enjoy the cool waters of the Arabian Sea and the thrilling watersports. Cherai beach is one of the tidiest beaches in the entire country and adding the low tides of the sea, makes for an ideal beach to swim in the clean water for hours. You can take a long and relaxing stroll alongside the shore and the availability of benches on the beach makes it convenient for tired legs. The beach also has seating areas created with dried hay and wood for the visitors to sit and relax while admiring the grandeur of the vast horizon and the beautiful sea.

The sunsets here have a heavenly effect on the beach turning the blue sky into hues of crimson, orange, and purple. The beachfront also has many food stalls serving delicious seafood and local Konkani cuisine. This scintillating beach of Kerala has everything to offer the visitors making it an ideal place to be visited by the traveler of every genre and desire.

Things to Do in Cherai Beach



There are plenty of watersports on Cherai beach that you can enjoy. From surfing to scuba diving, banana boat ride to bumper ride, parasailing to kayaking and snorkeling, everything is available for your enjoyment and to make your trip unforgettable.


Dolphin Sightings

The fishermen take the visitors on their boats to the spot where Dolphins can be sighted. Make sure to take your camera with you to capture the beautiful moments of the underwater mammals diving in and out of the sea.



The stunning panoramic views of the Cherai beach along with the scintillating backwaters and the green belt of the hills will make any person turn into a photographer. Take shots from the different angles of the Arabian Sea merging with the orange-crimson sky during the sunset and the backwaters enhancing the appearance of the entire panorama.



The tides in Cherai beach are not very high and swimming in the sea with your family and friends is a rejuvenating activity.



A holiday without shopping the specialties of the place is not a holiday well spent. Shop a horde of artifacts and handcrafted items, spices, clothes, and local snacks from the many stalls outside the beach and the local markets near Cherai beach.


Explore Backwaters

Explore the backwaters of Cherai on a houseboat or a Canoe to know more about the natural diversity of the place along with its geographical charm. You can witness fresh vegetables being supplied, fishermen loading their day’s catch, and other daily routines of the village people being carried out traditionally.

Places To Visit Near Cherai Beach

The real charm of Cherai is not the beaches but its surrounding places too. After having your fair share of tan on the beach, head towards other places of attraction to explore the complete Cherai.

1. Cherai Gowreeshwara Temple

2. Azheekkal Sree Varaha Temple

3. Basilica of Our Lady of the Snow

4. Pallipuram Fort

5. Paliam Dutch Palace

Places to Eat and Drink Near Cherai Beach

One destination for all, Cherai beach has plenty of restaurants and bars for vegetarians, non-vegetarians, vegans, and for our party heads. Relish in the deliciousness of seafood and international cuisines along with refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to wrap up your day.

1. Chilliout Cafe

2. Lilliput Multi Cuisine Restaurant

3. Whispering Minds

4. Baywatch Family Restaurant

5. Renai Blue Waters

6. Bottoms Up Bar

How to Reach Cherai Beach?

Cherai Beach is easily accessible from all the cities of India. Cherai Beach on Vypin Island can be reached via road and water both. The Goshree Bridge from Ernakuklam can be used to reach the beach, while on the other hand, the backwaters of the town connecting different islands are also used to reach the beach via boats. Boats leave in every 15-minues from Cochin Fort to Cherai Beach.


Best Time to Visit Cherai Beach

There is no specific time to visit the beach as it maintains its glory all throughout the year, but if you wish to avoid hot and humid climate, then visit the beach between October to March. It is recommended by the locals to witness the sunset on the beach either while taking a leisurely stroll on the shore or while sitting on a huge rock admiring the beauty.

If you are an early riser, make sure to see the sunrise as well and cleanse your mind by doing some beach yoga and meditation. The chirping of the birds and the sound of the waves crashing on the coast is a soothing sound and helps in attaining tranquility.

Cherai Beach

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