Coconut Museum

A gallery displaying unique exhibits carved out of coconuts and all its related parts such as religious carvings and building replicas. The Coconut Museum in Kochi is a must-visit place for anyone visiting the city to get an insight into the talented artisans of India and all about coconuts.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 9:30 am to 5 pm (Saturday and Monday closed)

Location: Ernakulam South, Kochi, Kerala

About the Museum

If you are planning to visit the serene city of Kochi in Kerala, then get ready to be greeted by the salty smell of the sea, breathtaking view of the lush green surroundings, and tall coconut trees. Apart from the scenic views that the city offers, it also has a variety of museums that are worth your time. But unlike the museums in the city which display objects of historical significance, the Coconut Museum situated at the Coconut Board office compound is a unique museum showcasing an array of exhibits created from all thing coconut.

Inaugurated in 2009, the Coconut Museum is chiefly a place to exhibit the handicrafts and products created by the artisans using various parts of coconut and its trees such as models of the Taj Mahal, Hindu and Buddhist idols, and Kathakali portraits. All the exhibits in the museum have been traced from different artisans to present on display and to give them a platform for demonstrating their talent. One of the major highlights of the museum includes idols of Ganesh, Shiva, ad Buddha that have been carved out from a single log of a coconut tree and decorated with coconut shells and husks. Other items on display are creative pieces of art like Patachitra paintings on large coconuts, a like-like portrait of lions and tigers made of coconut parts, and even household items such as lamps, utensils, and earrings which enhance the exquisiteness of the museum.

There are some exhibits made by the artisans who specialize in curating artifacts made from a particular part of the coconut for their work, like its husk or sticks or shells alone. The museum board sometimes displays these crafts installed in exhibitions that are held in different states for advertising the craftsmanship of these talented artisans. Other notable pieces such as a chessboard made of coconut husk and Kerala souvenirs like Chundanvallam (boat) and elephants made of coconut timber and shells attract the attention of not only the locals but foreign tourists as well.

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