Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, is a city in the south-western Indian state Kerala. Being the place of origin of calico - a plain-woven textile made from unbleached and partly processed cotton; it got the name Calicut.

Kozhikode is the land where Kalarippayattu originated - this is a local ancient martial art which uses weapons and combative techniques. It has also been dubbed the “City of Spices” as it is famous for its spices, and was also a popular spice trading center during the British rule in India.

This city found its place in world history when the Portuguese navigator Vasco De Gama discovered it as a sea route to India in 1498.


Kozhikode is a place resplendent with waterfalls, dams, gardens, beautiful beaches, historical monuments. This city is a haven for people who want to take a break from a busy life and have some peaceful time.

Following are some interesting places and things to see in Kozhikode:





Kozhikode’s population comprises of a large percentage of Hindus, followed by Muslim and Christians. The city has many Hindu temples, churches and mosques. Some popular ones are:


Kozhikode’s food mostly includes the Malabar cuisine with a hint of foreign influences (like Arabic, Persian and Portuguese). The city has many mouth watering dishes and snacks that one shouldn’t miss trying out. Some popular dishes to taste in Kozhikode include:

Here are some popular restaurants to eat at in Kozhikode. These are a must-try for their mouthwatering and wide variety of local as well as multi cuisine dishes:


Kozhikode also has various shopping spots where people can buy souvenirs and the local popular items such as handicrafts, sweets & snacks (Kozhikode Halwa, banana chips etc.), coir products (made of coconut coir), cotton clothes, Buffalo horn artefacts and local spices.

Following are some popular shopping spots that can be explored in Kozhikode:


Kozhikode has many incredible hotels that offer a comfortable stay – in affordable range as well as luxurious ones. Some of the best hotels to stay at in Kozhikode are: