Mahendragarh, Haryana

One of Haryana State's 22 municipalities in northern India is Mahendragarh. With a population of 922,088 people, the district has an area of 1,899 km2.

Places to visit

  • Chor Gumbad : On a mountain to the north of the town, the Chor Gumbad stands majestically. It is referred to as the landmark of Narnaul due to the Chor Gumbad's prominent position. It is a sizable, thoughtfully constructed square monument with one room and four minarets at each corner. Due to the open porch that wraps around it, it appears to have two stories from the outside. Due to the potential use of this building as a hideout by thieves and highwaymen, Chor Gumbad has acquired its well-known modern moniker. An Afghan called Jamal Khan built it to serve as his tomb. It was undoubtedly built during Firoz Shah Tughlaq's rule because of its low dome and arches. (1351–88 AD).
  • Distance: Chor Gumbad is 26 kilometers away from Mahendragarh

  • Shah Quil Khan : Shah Quil Khan himself constructed this exquisite mausoleum in the years 1574–1575 AD. During the time of the Mughal Emperor Akbar, Shah Quil Khan served as the governor of Narnaul. (1556–1605 AD). Although he created this tomb in honor of his father, he later interred his earthly remains here as well. The mausoleum, which is elevated on a high octagonal platform and is reachable from the south, is constructed from red and grey sandstone, giving it a striking appearance. The tomb is octagonal both inside and out, with a narrow passageway extending all the way along the base of the arched openings and niches and being supported by projecting walls. The tomb's interior is split into two levels.
  • Distance: Shah Quil Khan is 27 kilometers away from Mahendragarh

  • Tomb of Ibrahim Khan Suri : According to the inscription over the tomb's entrance, Sher Shah Suri (1540–1545 AD) had the mausoleum built on his orders over the grave of Ibrahim Khan Sur, who passed away in Narnaul in 1518 AD. Ibrahim Khan Sur was Sher Shah Suri's grandfather. The tomb is perched atop a square, raised platform. Its eastern entryway has lovely carvings and seems to have been constructed from Hindu temples. The facade, which has a band of moulding dividing it into two stories, is embellished with tiny panels that display low relief carving in red sandstone that is framed by grey limestone. The dome is balanced by four octagonal cupolas that are positioned at the four extremities of the terrace.
  • Distance: Tomb of Ibrahim khan sur is 23 kilometers away from Mahendragarh

How to Reach

  • By Air - Mahendragarh is located 145 km from Indira Gandhi Foreign Airport in New Delhi, the closest foreign airport.
  • By Train - Taking a taxi from the airport to the Delhi Cantonment railway station is the most practical option for delegates who want to travel by rail from the IGI airport. From the railway station in Delhi Cantonment, a number of trains operate to Mahendergarh.

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