Marhaura, Bihar

In the Indian state of Bihar's Saran district, Marhaura serves as both a town and an administrative subdivision. Saran's industrial centre in the 1980s was Marhaura.

Places to visit

  • Aami Temple : According to legend, Dighwara got its name from an old Dirgh dwar that was located close to the Dighwara Railway Station. A historic temple called Amba Asthan can be found at Aami. A deep, wide well that never runs dry and has water in it all year round is located close to the temple. The follower traveled a long way to offer sacrifice at the shrine built in her honor over this Yagya Kunda. People from all around the world gather to offer sacrifice during the Navratras in April and October. Thousands of people come and provide water, but the Kunda swallows it up.
  • Distance: Aami Temple is 37 kilometers away from Marhaura

  • Dhorh Ashram : The Dhorh Ashram, which is in the northern part of Parsagarh and features archaeological exhibits, attracts a lot of people. The historic Bhagwan Dhadeswar Temple, which is situated on the bank of the Gandaki river, is the primary draw of Dhorh Ashram. The temple's main attraction is its cosmic stone-set deity, Lord Shiva's lingam.
  • Distance: Dhorh Ashram is 38 kilometers away from Marhaura

  • Jalan Museum : A trip to the Jalan Museum must be on your itinerary if you're a history buff on vacation in Patna. The Quila House Museum is a well-known attraction in the Agamkuan district of Manila. Obtaining prior authorization is required before visiting the location as it is private property. Special items from the British Raj in India are on display in the museum. This is one of the more well-known destinations to visit because it also houses other unique treasures, such as Napoleon III's wooden bed.
  • Distance: Jalan Museum is 77 kilometres away from Marhaura

How to Reach

  • Both the airport in Ranchi, which is located 181 kilometers away, and the Gaya International Airport in Gaya, which is around 191 kilometers away from Marhaura, are excellent locations for air connectivity. The closest railroad station is at Deoghar, which is 39 kilometers away, and Chapra Junction makes a substantial contribution to the North Eastern Junction. The main state highways link Marhaura to the other regions of Bihar. At regular intervals, buses travel their regular routes to all the popular tourist destinations.

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