Mehsana, Gujarat

Mehsana, often spelled Mahesana, is a city in the Gujarati district of Mehsana. The city was ruled by the Gaekwads of Baroda State from the 14th century till India's independence in 1947.

Places to visit

  • Sun Temple Modhera : Mehsana is around 35 kilometers distant from a relaxing journey through lush farmlands. The renowned Sun Temple of Modhera lies against the backdrop of the River Pushpavati, surrounded by a terra-formed landscape of blossoming trees and the voices of birds. The Sun Temples of Modhera are relics of a time when veneration for the natural elements—fire, air, earth, water, and sky—was at its height, sharing space with a plethora of manifestations of Vedic gods.
  • Distance: Sun Temple Modhera is 25 kilometres away from Mehsana

  • Kirti Toran: The torans, a pair of 12th-century columns supporting an arch about 40 feet tall and made in red and yellow sandstone, are located immediately north of the walled town. They are spectacularly situated on the bank of Sharmistha Talav, on a road leading down from Arjun Bari. They are among the few surviving examples of entrance gates, which were originally a common feature of Gujarati architecture during the Solanki period. The carving style is identical to that of Sidhpur's Rudra Mahalaya.
  • Distance: Kirti Toran is 41 kilometres away from Mehsana

  • Taranga Hills: Taranga Hills, on the Aravali range, are around 20 kilometers from Vadnagar and have deep Buddhist roots. You begin your ascent up the Taranga hills from the Saraswati's banks. This 12th-century derasar is one of Gujarat's best maintained and least refurbished temples, and it is a tribute to the Solanki Rajputs' devotion and dedication.
  • Distance: Taranga Hills is 63 kilometres away from Mehsana

How to Reach

  • By Air - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad is the nearest international airport.
  • By Train - It has its own railway station, Mahsana Railway Station, which connects to all of Gujarat's major towns.

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