Mirganj, Bihar

In the Indian state of Bihar, the town and notified area of Mirganj is located in the Gopalganj district.

Places to visit

  • Shri Pitambara Peeth (Bagalamukhi) : Shri Pitambara Peeth is a well-known Shakti Peetha in Bagalamukhi, located in Kuchaikote, 15 kilometers from Gopalganj. Bagalamukhi is one of the ten mahavidyas in Hinduism (great wisdoms). Bagalamukhi Devi uses a bludgeon to smash the devotee's preconceptions and delusions. The name directly translates to "crane-faced." The name "Bagla" is a corruption of the Sanskrit root "Valga." Her skin is golden, and she wears yellow clothing. She sits on a golden throne in the center of a nectar-filled ocean teeming with yellow lotuses. Her hat is adorned with a crescent moon. In several writings, the goddess is referred to as the "Dwi-Bhuja" (two-handed) and the "Chaturbhuja." (Four-handed). The Dwi-Bhuja depiction is more familiar and is known as the "soumya," or softer variety. She is seen clutching a club in her right hand, with which she hits the demon while tearing his tongue out with her left. This artwork is sometimes depicted as an explanation of "sthambhana," the ability to stun or paralyze one's opponent into silence. This is one of the reasons Bagalamukhi's devotees worship her.
  • Distance: Shri Pitambara Peeth is 28 kilometres away from Mirganj

  • Dighwa-Dubauli : Dighwa-Dubauli village is located 56 kilometers from Gopalganj Subdivision. This historic landmark is well-known for its two unusual pyramidal-shaped mounds. These two mounds are located in the village's southeast corner. The construction or shape of these two mounds is quite beautiful and appealing. The distinctive structure of these mounds draws a large number of visitors. These mounds are constructed of bricks and clay. There are numerous fascinating structures carved into the walls of these mounds.
  • Distance: Dighwa-Dubauli is 59 kilometres away from Mirganj

  • Lakri Dargah: Lakri Dargah is a lovely village about 24 kilometers from Gopalganj. This place is noteworthy for the grave of a Muslim saint named Shah Arzan, who lived in Patna. It is reported that he was drawn in by the remoteness of the location and had completed a chilla, or 40-day religious contemplation. He also established a religious facility, which was founded by Emperor Aurangzeb. The local villagers commemorate the saint's death every year.
  • Distance: Lakri Dargah is 7.0 kilometres away from Mirganj

How to Reach

  • By Air - Regular flights connect Mirganj to the rest of the country's major cities. The nearest airport is 122 kilometers away in Gorakhpur.
  • By Train - There are no frequent trains from other major cities in the country to Mirganj. Muzaffarpur, which is 154 kilometers away, has the nearest railway station.

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