Ashrafi Mahal

Ashrafi Mahal


Erecting tall through the tests of time, Ashrafi Mahal was initially made a madrasa (Islamic school) which crumbled later with time because of its amateurish design. It was built by Hoshang Shah during the years between 1405 and 1422 when Mahmud Shah Khilji ruled the area. He wished to promote education but while it was being constructed, he decided to make it his own empire.


Built between the years 1405-1422, the structure of Ashrafi Mahal is situated right in front of the Jami Masjid. It is said to have been a Sanskrit University initially, during the time of Raja Bhoj in 1024. However, when Mandav was taken over by the Sultans and Hoshang Shah ascended the throne, he turned it into a Persian University. This was India's first and the world's fourth Persian University. Right after Hoshang Shah, Mahmud Shah came into power and during his rule, the kingdom of Mandav was at its peak. Before his death, he wanted a grand tomb for himself. The design of this building, therefore, was changed and the courtyard was turned into a tomb.


With a constant change in the rulers of the region from time to time, the construction of the structure had begun during the early years of Mahmud Khilji's reign when a Madrasa was built in conjunction with the adjacent Jami Masjid. From the remains, it can also be gathered that the Madrasa had been executed like the Mosque. Some years later, the turret on the northeastern side was raised seven stories high to commemorate Mahmud Khilji's victory over Rana of Mewar. Mahmud Khilji's tomb was constructed in the centre of the plinth at the end, which may have once been the most glorious structure in Mandu.

  • Hindola Mahal : When translated, known as Swinging Palace, Hindola Mahal in Mandu is a very popular tourist attraction. The grandeur of the Durbar halls can be seen in the opulent palace which served as a royal court to Ghiyas-al-Din Sultan during his reign. The palace portrays the Malwa-Sultanate architecture. Interestingly, the Mahal was constructed from sandstone with exquisitely carved columns with the provision of hot and cold water connected with the rooms situated underground.
  • Ujala Baoli : Located near Andheri Baoli, Ujala Baoli is a step-well situated at Mandu in the Dhar District of Madhya Pradesh. 'Ujala' means 'bright' and 'Baoli' means 'well'. Arch-shaped niches and rooms surround it. This water tank is a magnificent three-tiered building.
  • Baz Bahadur palace : The palace was constructed between 1508-1509. It was commissioned by Khilji Sultan Nasir-Ud-Din for the last ruler of Mandu- King Baz Bahadur. The King became fond of this palace because of his eternal romance with the accomplished singer Roopmati who used to visit the nearby Rewa Kund. It is one of the Madhya Pradesh tourist places that you cannot resist clicking and posing at.
  • Jahaz Mahal : Located in the Mandu region of Madhya Pradesh, Jahaz Mahal was once a royal consortium that was built by the Sultan of Mandu, Ghiyās-Ud-din Khilji in the second half of the 15th century. The structure repletes the medieval history of Mandu. The name “Jahaz Mahal” was so kept because the structure is surrounded by water and gives an impression of floating gently above the surface of the water.
  • Nilkanth Mahal : Built by the Mughal governor, Shah Badgah Khan, the Neel Kanth Palace is located very close to the Neel Kanth shrine, which is a shrine of Lord Shiva. The place has strong religious connotations and to date draws several worshippers to pay homage to the Lord.

Timing and Entry Fees

The time to enter the fort is between 8 AM to 6 PM. The ticket price for Indians is INR 25, however, for foreign tourists the ticket price costs INR 300.

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  • Relax Point : Located in Dhamnod, Dhar is a fast food centre with a peaceful vibe. The place is a perfect spot to relax with friends and family.
  • Shivani Restaurant : Specializing in Vegetarian cuisine, Shivani Restaurant is a must-visit place for its delicious food. It is located in Mandav, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Malwa Retreat Cafeteria : The cafeteria serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
  • Malwa Resort : Undisputedly the best resort in the entire region of Mandu, Malwa Resort is the perfect place for you to relax.


Just like any other tourist spot, Ashrafi Mahal can also be visited around the year during any season. However, it is recommended to visit the place during winter as the weather of Mandu remains comfortable for the excursion as compared to the two other seasons

How to Reach
  • If you plan on traveling by train, then, Indore is the nearest railway station which is around 95 km away. However, if you wish to travel by flight, then, the nearest airport is Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport, Indore. Moreover, Mandu has well-built roads and is connected with some of the major cities of Madhya Pradesh, therefore if you want to travel via road, you can easily do that too.
Ashrafi Mahal

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How to reach Ashrafi Mahal?

You can reach here either by Flight, rail or road as the city of Mandu is well-connected to the other major cities in India.

What is the best time to visit Ashrafi Mahal?

The best time to visit Ashrafi Mahal is during winter season as the weather is very pleasant and you are saved from the scorching heat of the summers.

Where is Ashrafi Mahal located?

Ashrafi Mahal is located in the Mandu region of Madhya Pradesh.

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