Jahaz Mahal

Jahaz Mahal

Located in the Mandu region of Madhya Pradesh, Jahaz Mahal was once a royal consortium that was built by the Sultan of Mandu, Ghiyās-Ud-din Khilji in the second half of the 15th century. The structure repletes the medieval history of Mandu. The name “Jahaz Mahal” was so kept because the structure is surrounded by water and gives an impression of floating gently above the surface of the water. Jahaz Mahal is an architectural marvel with splendid details on it. The monument is a sheer example of stunning Mughal architecture. Interestingly, Jahaz Mahal was built with the purpose of accommodating the 15,000 women consorts of the Sultan.


Literally translating to “Ship Palace”, Jahaz Mahal was constructed with the intention of accommodating the 15,000 women consorts. The very term “Jahaz Mahal” implies “Ship Palace”, the name is inspired by the placement of the monument near a lake known as Hauz-i-Shamsi. The monument renders a mesmerizing reflection on this lake’s clear waters, which apparently looks like a beautiful ornate ship sailing in the sea. Built between the years 1453 and 1525, Jahaz Mahal was also popularly known as ‘Sarai’ in the bygone times. It is also believed that the real reason behind the construction of this monument was for creating a comfortable summer resort for the royal Mughal rulers and their families.


The beautiful palace stands as a stunning specimen of Mughal architecture and a hotspot for history buffs with its splendorous architecture and colorful detailing. The most striking feature of Jahaz Mahal lies in its intricately carved structure with an imposing cenotaph ornamented with blue tiles. As you enter the palace, you will hit upon a rectangular courtyard with impressively arched chambers on all sides. The courtyard which overlooks nature outside the mansion is the most coveted area of the palace and is frequented by locals and tourists for sightseeing and relaxing after a tiring tour. A flight of stairs that once led to the main entrance of the palace from the southern end by a wooden bridge has long disappeared and now the entrance is through the eastern side. The moat which once surrounded Jahaz Mahal is now covered up to give access to its entrance. The beauty of the facade at the main entrance on the eastern side of the palace is completely diminished due to several encroachments on its structure. However, the presence of a mihrab on the western wall of the Jahaz Mahal point toward the existence of a mosque before the construction of the palace.



When talking about the preferable season to visit Jahaz Mahal, then, it should be noted that Summers in Delhi are scorching while winters are nearly freezing. In both these extreme climatic conditions, it is difficult to travel around the palace and see it at length. The months between February-June and August-November is considered ideal for visiting Jahaz Mahal and going sightseeing at the nearest places of interest.


The timings for Jahaz Mahal are from 9 am to 6 pm. However, it is suggested that the best time of the day to visit the Jahaz Mahal is between 8 am - 11 am usually, because there are fewer crowds of tourists.


Since 1720 and up till the finish of the Mughal reign in Delhi, the Phulwalon Ki Sair celebration or 'Festivals of Flowers' was intricately celebrated inside the Palace grounds each year when the flowers merchants of Mehrauli would pay tribute to the Mughal Emperor by giving the flowers of various species completely flowered amid spring season. Today, this celebration is praised just inside the Mehrauli Village and not inside the Palace anymore drawn out by flower dealers from each edge of Delhi amid the period of October consistently.


The closest airport to Jahaz Mahal is Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi Airport) which is located about 12 Km from Jahaz Mahal and takes 30 mins approximately via Vasant Kunj Marg to travel between the places. You can take a bus or avail metro to reach Jahaz Mahal from Delhi Airport at a minimal cost. Either by bus or metro rail it will cost you approximately Rs. (50-80) and will drop you at Jahaz Mahal in about 1 hr. 30 mins. If you want to reach faster and more comfortably, there is an online cab service that will cost you around INR 480 and drop you at your destination in about 12 minutes.

Jahaz Mahal

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How to reach Jahaz Mahal?

You can avail of any public transport to reach Jahaz Mahal. It is conveniently located.

Best time to visit Jahaz Mahal?

The months between February-June and August-November are considered ideal for visiting Jahaz Mahal and going sightseeing at the nearest places of interest.

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