Motihari, Bihar

In the Indian state of Bihar, Motihari serves as the district capital for East Champaran. The distance from the state capital, Patna, to it is 152.2 kilometers to the north and 40.09 kilometers to the northeast of Mehsi.

Places to visit

  • Kesariya Buddhist Stupa: : One of the largest Buddhist stupas in the world is located at Kesariya, a town nearby Motihari. The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) carried out the excavation in 1998. It is taller than the well-known World Heritage Site Borobodur Stupa in Java, which is around 104 feet tall. This stupa, known as "Raja Ben Ka Deora," is extremely important, especially to Buddhists, as it is thought that the Licchivis built it in Vaishali before Lord Buddha gained Nirvana. The Chinese pilgrim Hieun Tsang visited this location in the seventh century, according to records. At this location, excavations have also uncovered bricks, terraces with "Pradakshina routes," statues of the Lord Buddha in the Bhoomi Sparsha stance, earthen jars, and other artifacts. Visit this stupa if you want to feel the spiritual energy that surrounds this Buddhist landmark. Tourists will undoubtedly be charmed and enthralled by the wonderful Buddhist architecture's splendor.
  • Distance: Kesariya Buddhist Stupa is 51 kilometres away from Motihari

  • Gandhi Memorial: : In the year 1972, Mr. D.K. Barooch, the governor in office at the time, lay the cornerstone for this building. This was given to the country by Mr. Vidyakar Kavi, a fervent supporter of Mahatma Gandhi and his ideals. At the spot where Gandhiji was brought before the Motihari court for disobeying orders, there is a 48-foot-tall stone pillar. Thus, this monument honors the start of India's struggle for freedom from tyrannical British control. The Champaran Satyagraha was essential to the freedom movement because it was in Motihari that Mahatma Gandhi first exposed the horrible atrocities the British had committed against the helpless peasants. The local museum houses a collection of images and artifacts relating to the Champaran Satyagraha in addition to an extensive library with a sizable collection of books and magazines.
  • Distance: Gandhi Memorial is 36 kilometres away from Motihari

  • Areraj Shiva Temple: One of the oldest temples there, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is located on the bank of the Telie River and is well-known for this. It is a stunning temple with an atmosphere of serenity and divinity. This temple is well-known for its Shravani Mela celebrations, when thousands of pilgrims from Nepal and other parts of the country descend upon it to take part in the magnificent festivities. At Areraj, in addition to the temple, there is an Ashoka Pillar.
  • Distance: Areraj Shiva Temple is 30 kilometres away from Motihari

How to Reach

  • Regular flights do not provide good access from Motihari to other significant cities in the nation. Jumla is home to the closest airport, which is 98 kilometers away. There are no consistent trains running to Motihari from other significant cities in the nation. A 74-kilometer drive away, in Muzaffarpur, is the closest train station.

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