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If you want some solitude in a picturesque and clean landscape along the coastline in Mumbai, then this is an ideal place for you. Aksa beach is one of the tidiest beaches in Mumbai and is located on the peripheries of the Western region of Malad. This dreamlike stretch of sand is a soothing escape from the bustling noises of city life and is a perfect retreat.

The beach has a stunning view of the horizon and is one of the longest shorelines of the region. The beach has several hotels and resorts facing the clear blue Arabian Sea and gives off a classic view of the landscape. Apart from the beach itself, there are many other tourist spots in its proximity like Marve beach, Kanheri Caves, Mumba Devi temple, and many more that you must visit on your trip to Aksa beach. Renowned for its flawless beauty the beach is frequently visited by locals and tourists alike. The beach does not have many eateries because of the cleanliness issues but you can still have some light snacks sold by small stall sellers. Aksa beach usually has strong tides and currents so it is advised to swim near the shore and not go too far away.

The best thing about the beach and one of the reasons for its fame are that it is still undamaged by urbanization and has its natural allure intact. Moreover, the place is visited by many photographers and young adults to have some Instagram-worthy pictures to brighten up their feed.

Things to Do in Aksa Beach


Devour the Delectable

Though the beach does not have many food stalls many restaurants and eateries are serving delicious food in the vicinity of the beach. Choose from a wide range of cuisines served at different restaurants and make your trip wholesome.



Basking in the warmth of the shining sun is a relaxing and stress buster activity. Lie on the beach lounge or set up your beach umbrella to gaze at the exquisite view while relaxing in the peaceful environment.


Enjoy Resorts and Villas

Aksa beach is surrounded by beautiful resorts such as The Retreat Hotel & Convention Center, Da Monico’s Farm & Resort, Hotel Sampoorna, etc. where visitors can spend their time after enjoying the beach and take pleasure relishing the services of the resort.


Swimming and Strolling

Swimming is a must-do activity on any beach but makes sure you do not venture too far here as the currents are very high. If you are not a swimming buff, then stroll along the shore taking in the tranquil environment and soothe your mind.



The view of the sunrise and the sunset here is magnificently stunning and people love to photograph the natural beauty and capture it along with their snaps playing on the water or with the sand.

Places to Visit Near Aksa Beach

Aksa beach has several other beautiful locations nearby that cannot be missed. Plan your trip in such a way that you are able to witness other locations as well and make your weekend getaway a memorable one.

1. Marve Beach

2. Madh Fort

3. Mumba Devi Temple

4. Chota Kashmir

5. Mandapeshwar Caves

6. Kanheri Caves

Places to Dine and Drink Near Aksa Beach

Walking for a few minutes you will find many restaurants and eateries serving multi-cuisines and Mumbai special seafood. Delight in the taste of local and international cuisine and some refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to devour the food.

1. San Marco Pizzeria

2. Danna Pani

3. Blue Ballerina Restaurant

4. Cafe Laguna

5. High Tide

How to Reach Aksa Beach?

The Aksa beach is easily accessible from the Mumbai airport as it is located at a distance of 10km. you can hire a private cab or take a taxi that will take to directly to the beach withing 20-minutes.

The nearest railway station is Malad on the western terminus. You can get an auto-rickshaw or local buses to get to the beach or just book a cab directly to the beach for a hassle-free journey.


Best Time to Visit Aksa Beach

The time between September to March is considered an ideal time to visit the beach as the weather is pleasant and comforting during this time. The other months make the sunshine quite unbearable and humid too and the monsoons are very heavy and make the sea risky to enjoy.

Aksa Beach

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