nagarhole Tiger Reserve

Nagarhole Tiger Reserve, formerly known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park, is a tiger reserve, located in Kodagu district and Mysore district in Karnataka. It is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and was declared the 37th Tiger Reserve of India in the year 1999. It occupies an area of 643 kilometre square. The park was a hunting reserve of the kings of the Wodeyar dynasty. It was set up in 1955 as a wildlife sanctuary and later it was upgraded into a national park in 1988 and then a tiger reserve in 1999. The ideal time to visit the place is during the months of November to February.

Dominant Flora

The vegetation of the tiger reserve consists mainly of North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests with teak and rosewood Dalbergia latifolia predominating in the southern parts.

Dominant Fauna

Mammals: Bengal tiger, the Indian leopard, the dhole, the golden jackal, the sloth bear, the Indian elephant, the gaur, the sambar deer, the barking deer, the chital, the four-horned antelope, wild boar, gray langur, the bonnet macaque, the slender loris, leopard cat, the small Indian civet, the Indian grey mongoose.

Birds: blue-bearded bee-eater, the scarlet minivet, the oriental white ibis, the grey headed fish eagle, the red-headed vulture, blue-winged parakeet, the Malabar grey hornbill, the white-bellied treepie, the white cheeked barbet, the Indian scimitar babbler, the Malabar trogon, the Malabar whistling thrush.

Reptiles: mugger crocodile, the common vine snake, the common wolf snake, the Indian rat snake, the bamboo pit viper, the Russell's viper, the common krait, the Indian rock python, the Bengal monitor.

Best time to visit

The tiger reserve is open for public entry throughout the year but the best time to visit is from April to May.

How to Reach

Nearest Train Station: The nearest railhead is Mysore Station, located at a distance of 80 kilometres from the reserve.

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is Mysore Airport, located at a distance of 61.8 kilometres from the reserve.

Road Accessibility : A taxi from Bangalore or from Mysore can be hired or Jeeps and bikes can also be rented from Mysore or Hunsur.

Other Attractions

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