Naraingarh, Haryana

The city of Naraingarh is in the Ambala district of the Indian state of Haryana and is situated on the Himachal Pradesh border.

Places to visit

  • Rani Ka Talab : Rani Ka Talab is a 400 year old scenic and historic pond and is situated in Ambala Cant and is manned by the army. It is surrounded by Kailash Mandir and Indra Park, which visitors can explore. Anand market, Halwai Bazaar, Indra Market, and the Pond are also some of the places that are loved by travelers. Raja Ka Talab was built alongside Rani Ka Talab, however it has now been transformed into a contemporary park called as Patel Park. During the British rule, it was called as Company Bagh.
  • Distance: Rani Ka Talab is 35 kilometres away from Naraingarh

  • Sisganj Gurudwara : Devotees flock to this shrine almost every day to take a dip in the holy tank water. Sisganj Gurudwara is also known as Baoli Sahib. It was sanctified by Sri Guru Hargobind and Sri Guru Gobind Singh. It has been erected near the famous Anandpur area of Haryana and has a large dome. It is one of the most significant gurudwara of Haryana. It is also known as the Badshahi Bagh of Haryana. It is said that this gurudwara disciplines the Sikh followers from wrongdoings in accordance to the discourses of Guru Granth Sahib-the holy book of Sikhs. Guru Gobind Singh held a congregation at that place, and now that place houses Guru’s bed, weapons, and utensils used in the langar. Devotees visit this gurudwara in huge numbers in order to pay honor to the tenth Guru.
  • Distance: Sisganj Gurudwara is 63 kilometres away from Naraingarh

How to Reach

  • By Air - The nearest airport to Naraingarh is the Chandigarh International Airport at a distance of 40 km.
  • By Train - Stations Connecting Naraingarh via Rail are Tandwal Near Haryana, Ambala, and Barara.

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