Narnaul, Haryana

In the Indian state of Haryana's Mahendragarh district sits the city of Narnaul. It is situated in India's National Capital Region.

Places to visit

  • Khalda Wale Hanuman : The Lord Hanuman-dedicated Hindu temple is found along the Narnaul-Singhara highway. The statue of Lord Hanuman, which stands at the very top of a hill in the Aravalli range, serves as the area's main attraction. Many tourists frequent the Khalda Wale Hanuman Temple, which receives hundreds of pilgrims each year. While visiting the temple, visitors can also visit the neighboring Doshi Hills and find food and hotel options.
  • Distance: Khalda Wale Hanuman is 4.9 kilometres away from Narnaul

  • Jal Mahal : The Jal Mahal is a palace in the center of the Khan Sarovar, a water reservoir that is found in Purani Mandi in Narnaul City. Persian inscriptions can be found on the main entryway, which was built by Nawaz Shah Quil Khan. The chamber's interior has an octagonal-shaped roof and four staircases on each side. The building was made around 1590–1591 AD, during Akbar's reign, and the tank was afterwards added.
  • Distance: Jal Mahal is 5 kilometres away from Narnaul

  • Chor Gumbad : The Chor Gumbad, which is located on a hilltop to the north of the town, is the most well-known structure in Narnaul. The Gumbad, which is regarded as the town's landmark, has four minarets on each side and a balcony that wraps around the entire structure. The first monument, built by Afghan Jamal Khan, was presumably a mausoleum. There are now no graves inside the building, which was most likely constructed during the reign of Firoz Shah Tughlaq. The monument is undoubtedly a location that should be seen in order to appreciate both the detailed construction of the structure and the stunning minarets that adorn the former tomb. It is situated in the Jamalpur neighborhood along Singhana Road.
  • Distance: Chor Gumbad is 2.0 kilometres away from Narnaul

How to Reach

  • By Air - Regular flights do not provide good access from Narnaul to other significant cities in the nation. New Delhi is home to the closest airport, which is located 115 kilometers away.
  • By Train - Regular trains from other significant cities in the nation don't run to Narnaul. Rewari, 55 kilometers away, is home to the closest railway station.

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