Landfall Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Landfall Island Wildlife Sanctuary is a Sanctuary, situated on the northernmost island of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, established in 1987 by the Andaman and Nicobar Administration. It occupies an area of 29.28 square kilometers. The Sanctuary offers the visitors an opportunity to observe animals in their natural habitat, which is an educational experience. It can be visited throughout the year. The sanctuary is home to some of the most distinct wildlife found exclusively in the island.

Dominant Flora

The flora of the region mainly consists of tropical rain forest including some distinct species of trees, creeks and mangroves.

Dominant Fauna

Mammals: Rare animals such as hawkbill turtle, green sea turtle and Andaman water monitor are found here.

Birds: Andaman crake, white-headed starling, serpent eagle, Andaman drongo, Andaman coucal, and several other species which are classified as near-to-extinction can also be spotted here.

Climatic Conditions

The Wildlife Sanctuary experiences a tropical climate due to its proximity to the sea. The temperature remains hot and humid, with long monsoons and no winter. The evenings are relatively cool and pleasant than the hotter afternoons during summers.

How to Reach

Nearest Train Station: The Sanctuary is not directly connected by railways. The nearest railway station is at Chennai which is 1139 km away.

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport to Landfall Island Wildlife Sanctuary is Port Blair which is 228 km away

Road Accessibility : There is no direct road connectivity for Landfall Island Wildlife Sanctuary. The government or privately run ferries can be taken from Port Blair to reach the sanctuary.

Other Attractions

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