Malai Mahadeshwara Wildlife Sanctuary

Malai Mahadeshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, also called Male Mahadeshwara Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area in the Western Ghats, located in the state of Karnataka. The sanctuary is named after the presiding deity "Lord Male Mahadeshwara". A temple named, Mahadeshwara Hills Temple, is located within the sanctuary. It was established in the year 2013 and is part of a contiguous tiger habitat. The sanctuary is spread over an area of 906.187 kilometres square and has a rich diversity of flora and fauna.

Dominant Flora

The flora of the sanctuary mainly consists of dry deciduous type degrading to scrub forest in the fringe areas, and are interspersed with patches of moist deciduous, semi-evergreen, evergreen and shola forests occurring at varying altitudes.

Dominant Fauna

Mammals: tiger, elephant, leopard, wild dog, bison, sambar, spotted deer, barking deer, sloth bear, wild boar, four-horned antelope, black-naped hare, common langur, bonnet macaque, honey badger.

Birds: Several varieties of birds are found here.

Reptiles: Several varieties of reptiles can be spotted here.

Best time to visit

The ideal time to explore the sanctuary is from the months of October to November.

How to Reach

Nearest Train Station: The nearest railhead is at Mysore, located about 140 km away from the sanctuary.

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is in Bangalore, located about 210 km away from the sanctuary.

Road Accessibility : A Bus or a taxi can be hired to reach the sanctuary.

Other Attractions

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