Vansda National Park

Vansda National Park

Nestled in the beautiful hills of the Sahyadri ranges, Vansda National Park is a conserved wildlife sanctuary spreading over an area of about 24 sq. kilometers. The park is named so because it was once a privately possessed property of the Maharaja of Vansda and there has not been a cutting of a single tree since then. In fact, in many places, the canopies have become so thick that sunlight cannot pass through them. The park is an open area and travelers can take their own vehicle to explore it.

Declared as a national park in the year 1979, Vansda Park is located in the Navsari district of Gujarat and is a 2-hour drive from the town of Vansda. The park is a prominent trading place for the villagers of Vansda and the Adivasis as well, who inhabit its surrounding area. The place is living heaven for nature paramours and botany researchers and is home to hundreds of different and exclusive varieties of flora and fauna species. River Ambika flows through its north-eastern line and a majority of its part falls under the catchment area.

Vansda National Park can be visited either by vehicle or on foot. The park also offers a great interactive opportunity with the tribal people and visitors can see other attractions such as the Gira Falls and the Conservation Centre as well. The Gira Falls is known as the park’s pride and must be on your itinerary while planning a trip to Vansda Park. An ideal breathtaking getaway, Vansda National Park offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle-bustle of life and should be a significant part of your itinerary on your next trip to Gujarat.

Dominant Flora

The park is mostly covered with moist and dry deciduous trees and grass and houses over 440 species of plants which includes 110 species of trees, 43 species of shrubs, 63 species of climbers, 199 species of herbs, and 25 species of grass. Tall teak trees tower above you and huge creepers hovers around, while thick bamboo thickets and wild mango groves cover the area.

Towards the eastern side of the park, an expanse of Bharadi grasslands can be seen along with other floral species such as sadad, khakhro, timru, shimlo, ambla, shisham, and a few others. A wide variety of orchids can also be found at the Ambika River which is always a delightful experience to behold.

Dominant Fauna

Animals : Indian Leopard, Rhesus Macaque, Small Indian Civet, Four-Horned Antelope, Indian Porcupine, Barking Deer, Hyena, Flying Squirrel, Great Indian Squirrel, etc.

Birds : Over 150 distinct varieties of birds are found here. Some of them are Gray Hornbill, Pompadour Green Pigeon, Jungle Babbler, Malabar Trogon, Great Black Woodpecker, Shama, Flycatcher, Leaf Birds, Pea Fowls, Forest Wagtail, Forest Spotted Owlet, Yellow-Backed Sunbird, etc.

Reptiles : Python, Russel’s Viper, Venomous Snakes, Cobras, Kraits, etc.

Climatic Conditions

Vansda National Park is mostly covered with moist deciduous forest with a generous amount of rain of over 2000mm. The weather is scorching during the summers with the temperature reaching a high as 40 degrees Celsius. Winters are pleasant with moderate temperature and the monsoons are laid with heavy rainfall.

The best time to make a trip to Vansda National Park is after monsoons and during the winter months that is from November to February. The weather is pleasant and you will spot many animals soaking in the sunlight.

How to Reach

Nearest Train Station : Nearest railway station is Waghai railway station, about 5 km from the park. Waghai railway station is well connected by road to Vansda national park and you will get taxis from outside the station.

Nearest Airport : Nearest airport from the park is Surat Airport at a distance of 120 km. it is well connected by road to Vansda National Park and welcomes flights from all the cities of India.

Road Accessibility : The park is connected through a road network to all the major cities of India. There are a number of government and privately owned buses that go to Vansda National Park at frequent intervals.

Other Attractions

Vansda National Park

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