Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai, (formerly known as New Bombay), is the largest planned city in India and also in the entire world – a city carefully planned from its inception and constructed on an undeveloped land in the west Indian state of Maharashtra, from scratch.

It is a “twin-city” to Mumbai - the capital city of Maharashtra. Navi Mumbai was planned in 1971 with the goal of mitigating the strain caused by Mumbai’s growing population on its developing infrastructure; and was completed and inaugurated in 1972.

Places to Visit in Navi Mumbai

Formerly known as New Bombay, the city of Navi Mumbai was formed to ease the burden of rising population and infrastructure of Mumbai. Located east of Thane, Navi Mumbai has a well-connected scheme of routes to main Mumbai and is filled with various places in and around to have fun and escape the monotony of life. some of the best places to visit in Navi Mumbai are given below.


The major festivals celebrated in Navi Mumbai are:

Some festivals exclusive to Navi Mumbai, such as:


Navi Mumbai has many large shopping malls and complexes than street shops and markets. Here are some of the top malls in the city:


A rapid transit system called The Navi Mumbai Metro is currently under construction – it is a speed train system for local transportation between different areas within Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. It was originally planned to be inaugurated in 2020, but due to some reasons (one being the novel Corona virus), has been delayed indefinitely.


Here are some of the best restaurants and cafes with menus ranging from local cuisines and other Indian cuisines to all kinds of world cuisines in Navi Mumbai:


Some of the best hotels for a comfortable stay in Navi Mumbai are:


Navi Mumbai has a vibrant nightlife, which most people outgoing will love. Here are some interesting bars and pubs to check out in the city:


Navi Mumbai STD Code – 0215 (to be used before dialling numbers from a device that is not locally registered).

Emergency numbers:


Marathi is the main language of Navi Mumbai .


Navi Mumbai

A planned twin city of Mumbai with an amalgamation of modern infrastructure and culture, Navi Mumbai is a place where technology, history, culture, and art blend harmoniously to offer a fruitful experience to its visitors.

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