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The Indian state of Andhra Pradesh contains the town of Nidadavole in the East Godavari district. Paddy and sugarcane are the cash crops farmed in the town, which also houses prestigious educational institutions, and agriculture is the main source of income.

Places to visit

  • Sri Sri Radha Gopi Dasavatara Temple : ISKCON is a well-known institution in Rajahmundry. It is almost 2 acres in size. It's close to GowthamiGhat. For visiting this temple, there is a time constraint. Visitors must visit this temple in Rajamundry. Hardly any parking conjunction the ground floor has an art gallery.Iskon is a larger temple than Vijayawada, and there will be a variety of products available, including japamalas, conches, and little Krishna statues. Those who buy these items will also receive a midday lunch.
  • Distance: Sri Sri Radha Gopi Dasavatara Temple is 23 kilometres away from Nidadavole

  • Ryali Jaganmohini Kesava Swamy Temple : Raja Vikrama Deva, the emperor of the Chalukya-Chola people, erected this historic temple in the eleventh century. In the eleventh century A.D., Raja Vikrama Deva, a monarch of the Chalukya-Cholapeople, constructed the temple.The temple was substantially updated and rebuilt in the 1980s as a significant place of pilgrimage in north coastal Andhra Pradesh. You may get a glimpse of the alluring beauty of Konaseema, often known as Andhra's Kerala, from the temple, which is surrounded by lush green picturesque landscapes.In this JaganMohiniKesava temple, Lord Vishnu appears as Jaganmohini, who is its main draw.Lord Vishnu (Vishnumoorthy) appears in this Jaganmohini avatar in only one temple in all of India.When you do the pradakshina on the idol, you should be able to see Lord Vishnu on the front side and Goddess Mohini on the back.Various sculptures of Dashavatar can be seen in addition to the face of Lord Vishnu at the front (10 avatars of Lord Vishnu).
  • Distance: Ryali Jaganmohini Kesava Swamy Temple is 32 kilometres away from Nidadavole

  • Sri Kotasattemma Ammavari Temple: In Timmarajupalem village, Nidadavole Mandal, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, there is a historic temple called Sri Kota Sattemma Temple. A 10-foot-tall Ammavaru statue was discovered in 1934 by local farmer Sri Devulapalli Rama Murthy Sastry as he was plow­ing his crops. In his dream while he was sleeping, the Goddess showed up and requested that he build her a temple there. Sri Sastry built this temple with the assistance of the locals. As people gained faith in the goddess after seeing their prayers granted, the Sri Kota Sattemma Temple quickly gained notoriety. To pray and get blessings at this temple, many people go from near and far.In this temple, the nine-day Dasara festival is lavishly observed. The neighborhood festival TirunallaUtsavam is celebrated with a large procession in the month of December.
  • Distance: Sri Kotasattemma Ammavari Temple is 3.0 kilometres away from Nidadavole

How to Reach

  • Nidadavole Railway Station provides service to Nidadavole. Nidadavole and Rajahmundry Airport are separated by a 37-kilometer distance. The primary form of transportation to get to Nidadavole from other AP towns and cities is by bus.

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