The official language of Odisha is Oriya (or Odia), which is spoken across the state. Apart from this, 21 different tribal languages based on Odia are spoken by the tribal communities here. Within these, there are more than 70 dialects and seven of these tribal languages even have their own scripts!


Odisha’s culture is an amalgamation of different castes and tribes, and also certain traditions acquired from rulers and empires that ruled the land decades and centuries ago, and survived through the heritage.

The state of Odisha has the third largest population of India’s Scheduled Tribes. The state is home to around 62 different tribal communities!

Odisha also has a rich and glorious tradition of music and dance. Both Hindustani and Carnatic classical music forms are popular here. Odissi is the local dance form of the state, which is popular across India, and considered among the best classical dance forms in the country.

Among festivals, Durga Puja is a popular one, celebrated throughout the state, especially in Cuttack. Apart from this, non-hindu festivals such as Eid, Moharram and Christmas are also widely celebrated.

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