Orchha is located on the banks of river Betwa in Madhya Pradesh, and is known for its grand palaces, and intricately carved temples. Famously known as the city of palaces, it is world-renowned for the classic mural paintings, frescos and Chhatris (cenotaphs) that were constructed to commemorate the Bundela rulers. Founded in 1501 by Bundela Rajput Chief, Orchha literally means 'a hidden place'. It was the capital of one of the most powerful dynasties to ever rule in India - the Bundelas. The major attractions in Orchha include Ram Raja Temple (the only place where Lord Ram is worshipped both as a God and a king), Laxmi Narayan Temple (known for its unique architecture which is a mélange of a fort and a temple), and the Jahangir Mahal (built in hour of Mughal emperor Jahangir).


  • Jehangir Mahal, Orchha Fort - This place is a classic example of Mughal architecture. The domes are built according to Timurid customs and the gates or Iwans are large enough to allow entry of War elephants. Also, the relatively higher position compared to surrounding area made this palace a very important palace for the Mughals.
  • Ram Raja Temple - This beautiful Ram temple has an interesting history behind it. The Idols which were supposed to be installed in the magnificent Chaturbhuj Temple were kept on the ground where this temple now stands. But once kept on the ground, the idols could not be budged. This marked the place holy and a temple was constructed where the idols were kept. Ram Raja Temple has a serene architecture, adorned with a marble courtyard and colourful walls.
  • Raja Mahal, Orchha Fort - Built during the 17th century, the Raja Mahal has withstood the test of time. The palace is constructed beautifully with impeccable architecture and breathtaking grandeur. Resided by the erstwhile kings of Orchha, the palace has kept the soul of the India's most eminent royalty intact through all these years. The palace has magnificent towers and spectacular murals which will make a visit here an absolute delight for any art enthusiast.
  • Chaturbhuj Temple - Built in around 875 A.D. during the reign of Gurjara Pratihara dynasty, this famous temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The name literally translates to the one with four arms, and Lord Vishnu has been referred as Chaturbhuj in various Hindu texts. This temple has beautiful architecture and it consists of a sanctum with pancharatha Sikhara, a vestibule and a porch.
  • Phool Bagh – A beautiful garden complex that mirrors the aesthetic qualities of the Bundelas, this place has numerous fountains culminated in an 8-pillared palace pavilion. The fountain's working is very intricate as the water collects in the Chandan Katora and it then supplies droplets of water through the roof making it look like rainfall. This garden was used as a summer retreat by the kings of Orchha. This garden was built as a memorial for Prince Dinman Hardaul who had committed suicide to prove his innocence to his big brother.
  • Rani Mahal – The Rani Mahal of Orchha is beautifully embellished with intricate carvings and colourful paintings which make quite the statement about the art and artists of Uttar Pradesh. Translating to 'the queen's palace', this destination once served as the royal quarters for the wife of Raja Madhukar Singh, and its last occupant was Rani Laxmi Bai herself. The palace has now been converted into a museum. Spread over a vast area and surrounded by splendid gardens, the architecture and presence of the Rani Mahal is quite humbling.
  • Lakshmi Narayan Temple – The Lakshmi Narayan Temple has a unique architecture which is a blend of a fort and a temple moulds. The temple houses stunning murals which depict mythological, spiritual and secular themes (an art lover's delight) and also a lot of post-mutiny paintings. The temple also has a flagstone path which straightaway connects it to Ram Raja Temple.


  • River Rafting – On the list of things to do in Orchha, river rafting should be the first activity one should indulge in. The turbulent currents of the river Betwa offer an adventurous trail for you before eloping into the Yamuna. Rafting through the fresh waters of the Betwa river, the energy flowing through the water will charge you up.
  • Jungle Safari – The sanctuary lies within the area through which the Betwa river flows. The next thing on the list of things to do in Orchha is a safari at this scenic marvel in a little corner of Madhya Pradesh. Established in the year 1994, the sanctuary is the home to a few of dense plantations of Dhawa trees and Kardhai Trees and is among the best wildlife sanctuary of Madhya Pradesh. Along with the Betwa River, the Jamni River also quenches the thirst of the wildlife of this sanctuary. The sanctuary is around 46 sq.km. and offers adventure sports like fishing, canoeing, trekking, and camping.
  • Light and Sound Show – The magnificent history of Orchha is displayed beautifully at the light and sound show at Orchha Fort. The entry fee for the Light and Sound Show is INR 100.


  • Raas ki Kheer – A typical Bundelkhandi dessert, Raas-ki-Kheer is prepared by mixing the extracts of the local mahua flower with milk and millet. No sugar is added to this dish as it has got a sweetness of its own.
  • Bundeli Gosht – Another specialty of Bundeli royal kitchens, this recipe includes cooking mutton with boiled chickpeas and spices. Like most dishes from this region, this tastes best when cooked in a clay pot. The dish is inspired by the indigenous tribes of Madhya Pradesh, Orchha, Jhansi and Datia. The tribal cuisine is known for its traditional style of preparation. Originally, it was hunted meat cooked with pounded spices.
  • Bundelkhand Kebab – Bundelkhand is famous for its succulent and juicy kebabs, which are said to have originated in the royal kitchens of Bundelkhand dynasty. They are quite popular with locals and are usually served with rice or makai (maize) rotis (Indian flatbread). The melt-in-the-mouth meat kebabs and vegetable grilled skewers, their vegetarian counterpart, are the highlight of Orchha cuisine. Bundelkhandi cuisine extensively uses clay pot for the preparation of food and the fact that it is cooked on firewood gives it a unique smoky flavour.
  • Kodu Til Ka Bhaat – This is a local dish, in which rice is cooked with black sesame seeds. The two types of rice widely used in this region are kodu and kudki.
  • Kunde ka Bhatta – Kunde-ka-bhatta is a traditional tribal dish from the region that can be best described as a spicier version of Baingan-ka-Bharta.
  • Lemon Tree Hotel
  • Amar Mahal
  • Nataraj Sarovar Portico
  • Jhansi Hotel
  • Bundelkhand Riverside
  • Amar Mahal Restaurant
  • Jharokha Restaurant
  • Ram Raja Restaurant
  • Turquoise Diner
  • Hotel Sheesh Mahal

Shopping forms an inherent part of every tour. A tour without any shopping is unthinkable. This has been reiterated by tourists all over the world. Unlike some of the other cities in Madhya Pradesh, the city of Orchha does not present a wide range of shopping options to its visitors. However, the town has quite a handful of shops that sell a decent collection of articles. Hence, shopping in Orchha is very much a source of recreation for the tourists visiting the city. Shopping in Orchha, India, is a delightful experience. The shops in Orchha are a part of the colorful market places that form a perfect specimen of a market place of India. A perfect example of such a thing is the bargaining done by the customers in order to reduce the price of the articles. The various articles that you would come across while shopping in Orchha are artifacts of the Bastar region of Madhya Pradesh, metal works of Dokra, articles of wrought iron, and other gift items comprising showpieces, mementos, and souvenirs. If you are still craving for more, you can head for the markets in Khajuraho, which consist of numerous shops that put up for sale a wide array of articles. All in all, shopping in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh will satisfy most of your needs, if not all. Orchha can be reached by a network of roads from various cities of Madhya Pradesh like Jhansi, Gwalior and Khajuraho. Jhansi serves as the nearest railhead and the airport at Khajuraho is the nearest from Orchha.

  • Ramayana Kala Sangrahalaya Museum – One of the must visit places in Orchha is the Ramayana Kala Sangrahalaya Museum, established in 2005. The museum is the first-of-its-kind and consists of traditional arts to project various events and aspects of Ramayana and the Ram Leela. Moreover, cultural artefacts like jewellery, costumes and paintings adorn the esteemed Ramayana Kala Sangrahalaya Museum.

The best time to visit Orchha is between the months of October and March. Summers are pretty harsh and it is advised to travellers to avoid visiting the during this time. However, you can also visit during the monsoons as rains are mostly average here. Festive seasons and the winters are the times that one must definitely visit the place as the town is exuberant during the festive season of Dusshera and in winters when the weather is pleasant making it an ideal time to explore the historical and architectural glory of Orchha.

How to Reach
  • By Flight – There is no direct flight connectivity to Orchha. The nearest airport is in Gwalior, some 140 away from the same.
  • By Road – There is no direct road connectivity to Orchha. Jhansi is the nearest bus stop, 16 km away from the same.
  • By Train – There is no direct rail connectivity to Orchha. Jhansi railway station is the nearest railway station to the site, 18 km away from the same.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the best time to visit Orchha?

The best time to visit Orchha is between the months of October and March.

How to reach Orchha?

Orchha can be reached via rail, road or flight. However, there are no direct connectivity to Orchha.

What are the places to visit in Orchha?

The places to visit in Orchha are Jehangir Mahal, Ram Raja Temple, Raja Mahal, Chaturbhuj Temple, and Phool Bagh.

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