Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is Pasighat. The oldest town in Arunachal is Pasighat, which lies 155 meters above mean sea level on the eastern foothills of the Himalayas.

Places to visit

  • Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary : Dr. D. Ering is honoured by having this sanctuary and two other Pasighat establishments a hospital and a school named in his honor. Water bodies occupy more than 25% of the sanctuary, attracting a variety of migrating species from Siberia and Mongolia.The Siang River encircles the sanctuary itself (Brahmaputra). Many bird species that are endangered live in the refuge.
  • Distance: Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuaryis 41kilometres away from Pasighat

  • Komsing : On the left side of the River Siang stands this settlement. It is also significant historically since Noel Williamson was killed there, and a stone memorial to him still stands next to the Siang.
  • Distance: Komsing is 77 kilometres away from Pasighat

  • KekarMonying : This mountain cliff, which is close to Rottung, is also a significant historical location. Here, in 1911, Adi tribesmen engaged the British in a fierce battle.The Assistant Political Officer of the British, Noel Williamson, who was murdered by Yagrung Village native MatmurJamoh, has a black stone memorial on the cliff as well. About 500 meters long and 50 meters high, the cliff provides a fairly lovely perspective of the surrounds.
  • Distance: Kekarmonying is 47 kilometres away from Pasighat

  • Sirki waterfall : One of the most popular attractions in Pasighat is the Sarki Waterfalls. Photographers and anyone who appreciate the outdoors will be fascinated by this place. Although the waterfall has two levels and both are lovely, most people favor the top-level cascade, which must be accessed by a climb. An hour-long journey along a congested, unpaved, and heavily vegetated trail is required before one can witness the breathtaking vistas of a spectacular waterfall in all of its magnificence. Remember to use sturdy hiking boots, long pants (they might develop a rash), etc.During the winter, the water is undoubtedly clean and chilly, but in the summer, it is not as chilly. A stunning and spectacular sight is the water rushing out and dropping from numerous hundred-foot-high boulders.
  • Distance: Sirki waterfall is 10 kilometres away from Pasighat

How to Reach

  • Additionally, at a distance of 167 kilometers, Dibrugarh Airport is the closest airport. MurkongSelek, which is 35 kilometers away and the closest railway station to Pasighat, is the closest station. A pre-paid cab or bus service is available from here. National Highways 515 from Dibrugarh and 590 from Guwahati connect Pasighat to two significant Assam cities. National Highway 15 connects Pasighat to Itanagar, the nation's capital (515).

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