Pundri, Haryana

In the Indian state of Haryana's Kaithal district is the city and municipal committee of Pundri. Both Pundri and Pundrak were given their names in honor of the great Hindu scholar Pundarik. Randhir Singh Gollen is the current Haryana Vidhan Sabha representative for the tehsil and constituency of Pundri.

Places to visit

  • Pundri Fort : Pundri Fort is a historical fort located in the town of Pundri in Haryana, India. The fort is believed to have been built during the Mughal period, and it served as a strategic military outpost for the Mughals. The fort is made of red sandstone and has a unique architecture that is a blend of Mughal and Rajasthani styles. The fort has several towers and bastions, which were used as watchtowers and for defense purposes. Pundri fort has several entry gates, and the main gate is known as the Delhi Gate. The gate has intricate carvings and is adorned with beautiful arches and domes. Inside the fort, you can see several buildings and structures, including a mosque, a palace, and a temple. The palace is believed to have been the residence of the Mughal governor of the region. The fort also has a large courtyard, which was used for various ceremonies and events. The courtyard is surrounded by several chambers and halls, which were used as living quarters for soldiers and their families.
  • Distance: Pundri Fort is 18 kilometres away from Pundri

  • Kalayat Temple : The word "Kalayat," which meaning residence of Kapila the Sage, is derived from the phrase "Kapilayatana." The sage Kapila, one of the most well-known philosophers in India, is reported to have resided here at one time. Only two of the area's original five temples—which date to the eighth century AD—remain today. The temples are excellent examples of early Hindu architecture and were built by cutting bricks and mortar. The local authorities maintain the etched bricks because they are genuinely unique. These temples hold a special place in history since they may be the only remaining Hindu artifacts from the time before the Mughals.
  • Distance: Kalayat Temple is 37 kilometres away from Pundri

  • Thehpolar: The mound of Thehpolar, which is about 4 kilometers from Siwan village, is thought to be the location of an old community that was obliterated during the Mahabharata battle. The site, which is roughly 10 kilometers from Kaithal, has produced a large number of artifacts during excavation, including coins, clay seals, pots, and other items. The coins have a significant historical value and are also from the Indo-Greek era. This stunning ancient village is simply breathtaking, and the journey there is well worth it!
  • Distance: Thehpolar is 35 kilometres away from Pundri

How to Reach

  • By Air - Nearby Airport to Pundri is Chandigarh International Airport which is 120 kilometers away.
  • By Train - Nearest station connecting to Pundri by rail is around 12 kilometers away.

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