Purnia District is one of the Indian states of Bihar's thirty-eight districts. This district's administrative seat is in the city of Purnia. Since 1947, the city of Purnia has kept the practice of raising the national flag at 12:07 a.m. on Independence Day.

Places to visit

  • Puran Devi Maa Temple : This temple is devoted to Puran Devi Maa and is a sacred site. She is a manifestation of the fiery Kali Goddess. She takes on the appearances of nine different goddesses. Beautiful jewelry and traditional Indian saris adorn the idol. Devotees also worship the Shiv Ling that is placed here. This temple is the oldest in town. Because of her name, she is revered as the goddess of the city. The inner rooms of the temple house elephant chores related to the temple's formation story. A long time ago, here, 100 goats were beheaded in the guise of sacrifice to please the deity. The Durga Pooja and Diwali festivals are celebrated with great pomp and show.
  • Distance: Puran Devi Maa Temple is 7 kilometres away from Purnia

  • Jalalgarh Fort : Jalalgarh Fort, a quadrangle-shaped building established in 1722, was formerly Purnia's royal family's pride and glory. The fort was strategically erected by the then-Nawab, Saif Khan, to safeguard the city against Nepali attack. Many enthusiastic travelers continue to visit this 300-year-old ruin. The overwhelming grandeur, even amid the ruins, contains evidence of both Hindi and Islamic architecture. To compensate for its current state, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has already requested that restoration work on the stronghold begin.
  • Distance: Jalalgarh Fortis 26 kilometres away from Purnia

  • Manihari : This village, formerly known as Maniharan, is important in Hindu mythology. It is said that Lord Krishna lost something significant here while going through these areas. "Mani" means "diamond" in Sanskrit. As a result, the name stuck. This location is well-known for ManihariGhat, a lovely picnic site on the banks of the Ganga. Every year, the town is drenched and nearly floods due to severe monsoon rains and the river's high water flow.
  • Distance: Manihari is 47 kilometres away from Purnia

How to Reach

  • Purnia is not well connected by regular flights to other main cities in the country. Biratnagar, 81 kilometers away, has the nearest airport. There are no frequent trains from other major cities in the country to Purnia. Katihar Train Station, which is 26 kilometers away, is the nearest railway station.

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